Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis Personnel


Sr. Mary Grace Walsh, ASCJ, Ph.D. , Provost for Education, Evangelization and Catechesis
Ext: 2662

Design and implementation of the vision and mission of the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis (OEEC)
Governance and policies
Develops and executes a strategic plan for OEEC
Manages a variety of departments under the OEEC
President of Saint Thomas Seminary
Represents the Archdiocese of Hartford on the Archdiocesan School Board
Officer of the Archdiocesan High School Corporations
Trustee of the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS)
Advisory Council of the Hartford Bishop's' Foundation
Board of Directors of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education (HCHE)

Michael S. Griffin, Ph.D. , Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Ext: 2657

Design and implementation of the vision and mission of the OEEC in relation to Catholic schools
Operational vitality of Catholic schools
Review of the Policies and Procedures Manual for Catholic Schools
Catechetical formation for Catholic school administrators and educators
General administration and supervision of Catholic schools
Principal/Head of school relations
Archdiocesan School Board Member, Ex Officio
Archdiocesan High School Corporations Officer

Ana Maria Alstrum , Archdiocesan Director of Hispanic Catechesis
Ext: 2672

Support the existing programs for Hispanics in parishes of the Archdiocese including catechesis, lay ministry, RICA, adult faith formation.
Provide resources and training for catechists, lay ministries and faith leaders in the Hispanic communities
Develop and provide a Lay Ministry Program for Hispanics
Provide consultative services to all parishes in the area of Hispanic Catechesis
Coordinate workshops and other educational opportunities for parish teams, as needed
Networking with other Hispanic Faith Formation leaders
Collaborates on advocacy for the advangement of Hispanic catechesis

Anne T. Clubb , Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Ext: 2651

Provides enrollment management/marketing guidance to schools
Coordinates the Archdiocesan school marketing campaign
Collects and analyzes school enrollment data for trend analysis
Provides support for schools with international students
Consults on OEEC promotional/marketing efforts

Jill Costa , Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
Ext: 2670

Provides support for the Catholic Biblical School
Assists with preparation of clerical needs for events and conferences for the OEEC and the Catholic Biblical School
Maintains records for RCIA and Adult Faith Formation
Assists with HOPES and high school collections, and HOPES dinner
Manages and maintains inventory and orders office supplies
Coordinates printing and facilitates bulk mailings
Coordinates with Archdiocesan Center staff for OEEC's maintenance needs, repairs, phones, furniture, etc.

Kelly Henderschedt , Archdiocesan Director of Catechetical Education
Ext: 2663

Supports catechetical ministries for pre-school through Confirmation aged-school children in parishes
Provides Catechist Formation and training
Assesses needs of Directors of Religious education parish programs
Provides support and guidance for faith education of children with special needs
Director with oversight of Catholic Scouting

Miriam Hidalgo , Archdiocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Ext: 2678

Assists parishes, including pastors and youth ministers, with their youth ministry efforts
Provides leadership training, resource materials, and support for youth ministers
Coordinates diocesan youth and young adult faith events, retreats, and programs
Maintains active involvement with regional, national, and international Catholic youth gatherings and organizations
Supports Campus Ministry
Collaborates with diocesan agencies, including the Vocations Office, in ministry to youth and young adults

Barbara Jean Daly Horell , Archdiocesan Director of Catholic Biblical School
Ext: 2679

Teaches in the Catholic Biblical School (CBS)
Oversees all student recruitment, enrollment and matriculation
Recruits, prepares and oversees CBS faculty
Oversees academic standards and program accreditation
Supervises CBS administration, design and development
Provides ongoing biblical education for CBS alumni and archdiocesan leaders
Collaborates within the OEEC on evangelization and catechesis
Promotes biblical education throughout the Archdiocese

Gayle Keene , Executive Assistant to the Provost
Ext: 2662

Liason to internal and external constituents for the Provost
Conducts research, collects and analyzes data for document and report preparation and presentation
Constructs and delivers comprehensive and effective communication initiatives on a variety of issues
Manages calendar/travel for Provost
Plans and coordinates meetings and events
Attends select meetings and provides support service

Valerie Mara , Assistant Superintendent of Academics
Ext: 2656

Designs standards-based curriculum Pk-12
Plans, implements, and evaluates academic programs and best practices
Recruits, screens and prepares teachers
Integrates and infuses instructional technology into curriculum
Organizes and/or provides professional development and training
Provides guidance for special education plans in Catholic schools
Coordinates Teacher Performance Appraisals
Coordinates standardized testing

Maria Maynard , Deputy Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Ext: 2658

Assists in recruiting and evaluating candidates for leadership positions and facilitates search committee training
Facilitates the appraisal process for principals and chief administrators
Coordinates agendas, meetings, professional development for administrators (new and 2nd year, and high schools)
Facilitates the Leadership Academy (local archdiocesan training for administrator positions – elementary or secondary) for aspiring school leaders
Participates in annual Secondary School Corporation Meetings
Implements Leadership Manual for local school boards, provides school board development, and provides direction for Home and School Association
Addresses school and parent issues in a timely fashion and mediates problems to solutions

Laura McCaffrey , Director of School Support and Academic Services
Ext: 2664


Provides guidance on technology education and infrastructure implementation
Coordinates various government programs
Prompts advancement initiatives
Organizes elementary and secondary parish collections
Coordinates the annual HOPES dinner
Manages asbestos compliance for the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Hartford

Jennifer McClintock , Administrative Assistant / Archdiocesan Coordinator of Catholic Scouting
Ext: 2675

Catholic Scouting Coordinator (Boy/Girl Scouts)
Religious Emblem Coordinator
Collaborates with the Region 1 Representative, Catholic Girl Scouts
Maintains records for Adult Confirmation
Maintains faith formation records for Catholic schools
Facilitates the planning of various catechesis and evangelization events and professional development workshops
Coordinates the planning and distribution of the OEEC monthly newsletter
Assists with HOPES and high school collection materials and HOPES Dinner

Kelsey Meczywor , Administrative Assistant
Ext: 2653

Responsible for enrollment and troubleshooting for all international students
Creates and maintains databases for OEEC
Manages principal appraisal process
Provides administrative support for asbestos compliance
Disseminates electronically OEEC newsletter and other group correspondence to various constituents

Leslie Nelson , Business Manager
Ext: 2659

Assists Provost with financial operations of the OEEC agencies, including budget preparation and provides periodic reports
Serves as liaison to Archdiocesan Fiscal Office
OEEC liaison to the Archdiocesan Human Resource Department
Liaison for university and college campus ministers and the Catholic Biblical School, regarding financial matters
Manages the school census materials for analytical purposes
Liaison to Archdiocesan technology consultants
Serves as a member of the Saint Thomas Seminary and Archdiocesan Center Safety Committee

Diane Newell , Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent
Ext: 2657

Supports the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Serves as liaison to school administrators
Facilitates the planning of professional development workshops, including elementary and high school board orientation
Coordinates event planning for various administrator meetings
Manages information collected from administrators, strategic plans, school goals, manuals/reports
Facilitates the production and maintenance of school calendar(s)

Lisa Orchen , Archdiocesan Director of Catechetical Initiatives
Ext: 2652

Catholic School Faith Formation

Nicole Perone , Archdiocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation
Ext: 2677

Directs opportunities for adult faith formation
Provides ministerial development and faith formation opportunities for those in adult faith formation ministry
Directs the rebuilding of the Lay Ministry Program
Coordinates adult sacraments, such as Adult Confirmation and Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Collaborates on the faith formation of catholic school educators
Manages all aspects of the Women's Conference, including serving as chair of the Women's Conference Committee

Kate Rundles, CPA , Director of School Finance
Ext: 860-541-6491

Phone Number: 860-541-6491
Accounting Assistance
Budget Development and Management Support
Long Range Financial Planning Support
Asbestos Compliance

Linda Serafin , Administrative Assistant
Ext: 2650

Provides administrative support to the Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Processes and tracks teacher and principal applications
Maintains personnel database for teachers and administrators
Verifies teacher employment and processes teacher certification requests
Coordinates event planning for conferences, meetings and in-services
Supports school enrollment analyses
Processes transcript requests from closed schools

Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis Other Personnel

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