20†20 Vision


Ministerial Plan for the Office of Catholic Schools and Network of Catholic Schools

Facts About the Educational Forum

We as a community of educators and invested constituents have been given the opportunity to create the future we want for our Catholic schools. In the Archdiocese of Hartford, hundreds gathered on the momentous occasion of the Educational Forum held October 3, 2012 at the Omni Hotel in New Haven, CT. The Educational Forum united delegates to learn from experts in the fields of mission formation and evangelization, leadership and governance, teaching and learning, and operational vitality; to enter into dialogue with colleagues and partners across the state; to create a ministerial plan that will stretch our thinking and our boundaries and move us toward the year 2020 with a vision that is clear and purposeful.

Sister Dale McDonald, PBVM, Ph.D., from the National Catholic Educational Association facilitated the Educational Forum.

Four research-practitioners offered insights and best practices for us to consider in creating our future in order to provide young people with core knowledge instruction and essential skills that are rooted in faith to succeed in today’s world.

Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, M.H.S.H., D.Min., University of Dayton, delivered insights and best practices on Mission Formation and Evangelization.

Father Joseph O’Keefe, S.J. Ed.D., Boston College, delivered insights and best practices on Leadership and Governance.

Mary Jane Krebbs, Ph.D., St. John’s University, delivered insights and best practices on Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Brother John Paige, C.S.C., Ph.D., Holy Cross College, South Bend, IN, delivered insights and best practices on Operational Vitality.

In preparation for the Educational Forum, the Office of Catholic Schools published professional white papers and Archdiocesan Standards and Benchmarks that engaged delegates in deliberations. Abraham Lincoln reminds us “The best way to predict the future is to create it...” We are reminded by the authors of these professional papers that the long term viability and sustainability of Catholic schools depends, in large part, on a proactive posture by clergy, educators, investors and the entire Catholic community. In a world described by His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, as being in the midst of an educational crisis, we in the Archdiocese of Hartford are heeding the call to examine our mission and realize the vital role our schools play in the formation and education of our young people.