Centers of Excellence

Catholic Schools - Our Promise!

The vision for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford is to cultivate an environment of spiritual and intellectual growth by integrating the Catholic intellectual tradition and faith throughout the educational process. This is achieved by the promotion of Gospel truths, faith in action for social justice, and academic excellence, all of which provide students with a moral compass, and lead them to become critical and creative thinkers in an ever-changing diverse society,

The promise we make to families is the foundation for all that occurs in the Catholic school. Our promise statements can be summarized as follows:

  • Students will encounter the living God
  • Students will search for meaning, knowledge and truth
  • Students will be formed in our faith
  • Educational excellence will be encouraged
  • Development of the whole person will be achieved
  • Students will graduate as productive, virtuous citizens and church leaders

Graduates of Catholic elementary and secondary schools have been given a strong foundation in the faith and are academically prepared to continue their education. We certainly can boast of our excellent scores on standardized tests or the percentage of seniors graduating and attending colleges and universities. We can delight in how students in the elementary and secondary schools communicate effectively, work both independently and collaboratively, use technology as an integral tool for learning, make age appropriate moral choices that lead to good decisions, and become compassionate young people who want to make things happen for our world and humankind.

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford truly offer students an education for a lifetime, producing life-long learners who go on to make important contributions to society and who help to fashion a more humane and just world.

Catholic Schools offer a future of hope. Schools focus on cultivating a culture of mercy and learning. Pope Francis called for an extraordinary jubilee, a Holy Year of Mercy. Through social media the OEEC provides schools with resources for teachers, students, and families to experience the mercy of God. In addition, we will be working with educators to address various learning styles. We will assist schools on the use of data to drive differentiated instruction, and provide professional development on the culture of learning.

Catholic schools play a vital role in the life of the Church and the Community. Our promise is to extend this legacy of academic excellence and commitment to the faith in the long-term interest of students and their families. Every effort will be made in collaboration with the local leadership teams and the Office of Pastoral Planning to ensure that Catholic schools are as fiscally strong, sustainable, affordable, accessible, and accountable as possible for students today and in the future