Faith Formation for Catholic School Educators

“Educating is not a profession but an attitude, a way of being; in order to educate it is necessary to step out of ourselves and be among young people…Give them hope and optimism for their journey in the world. Teach them to see the beauty and goodness of creation and of man who always retains the Creator’s hallmark. But above all with your life be witnesses of what you communicate,” (Pope Francis, Address to Jesuit Students and Educators, 7 June 2013).

The Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis has partnered with both the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton through their Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formationand the Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame through STEP (Satellite Theological Education Program)to ensure that all Catholic school educators continue to grow in their ability to bear witness to the faith in today’s world.

For a detailed explanation of the faith formation policy and the courses required as a condition of employment, please read this brochure

The required courses are:

VLCFF - University of Dayton
STEP - University of Notre Dame
Catholic Beliefs
(a study of basic truths of the faith)
Catholic Faith & Tradition: For Catholic School Teachers
SacramentsLiturgy: A Guide for the Perplexed (Sacraments)
Introduction to Christian MoralityThe Christian Conscience and Ethical Dilemmas: Guidance from the Catholic Tradition (Morality)
Survey of Catholic Social Teaching (a course developed by the University of Dayton specifically for educators in the Archdiocese of Hartford)Catholic Social Teaching
And two of the following scripture courses:And two of the following scripture courses:
Bible Basics
Old Testament: The Pentateuch
Introduction to Scripture
Old Testament: The Prophets
Old Testament
Old Testament: The Writings
New TestamentIntroduction to the New Testament

To view current online course schedules:

Upcoming site-based and blended faith formation opportunities in the Archdiocese of Hartford:

Faith Formation Course Survey