Archdiocesan Honors

“Lord”, said Thomas, “we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” Jesus responded “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me, you would know my Father also. From this point on you know him; you have seen him.”

(John, 14:5-7)


It is our practice annually to recognize principal and chief administrators who are in transition at the end of this school year to a new school or to retirement, as well as those administrators with 5 to 25 years of service. A special luncheon was hosted on June 13, 2017 here at St. Thomas Seminary. We express praise and gratitude for the dedication and zeal of these individuals in their commitment to serve Catholic education and so effectively with joy to evangelize the gospel message to generations of students.

It is also the practice of the OEEC to celebrate those who have dedicated their energies to the study of Scripture, preparation for ministry, years of service in faith formation, faith-based scout programs, and personal development and growth. This year, the many dedicated youth, students, scouts, volunteers, and ministers were honored at the Archdiocesan Awards Ceremony on June 10,2017, held at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph. Archbishop Leonard P. Blair bestowed honors on nearly 300 members of the Archdiocesan family of faith, in celebration of their commitment to formation, catechesis, and the greater vitality of parish life.

Their names (and some pictures from the events) are listed below:

Elementary and Secondary Administrators Transitioning and Retiring Administrators

(Awarded June 13, 2017)

Linda Coppola Picture2t.png
John Salatto
Patricia Devanney
Katherin Sniffin
David Eustis, Jr.
Maria Testa
Patricia Kanute
Kenneth Przysiecki


Years of Service

Charlene Mongillo (5)
Jo-Anne Gauger (15)

Fayne Molloy (5)
Colleen DiSanto (15)
Tara Bellefleur (5)
Patricia Devanney (15)
David Eustis, Jr. (5)
Eileen Sampiere (25)
Paul DeFonzo (10)


Filomena Ayala, Saint Rose of Lima (New Haven)
Carmen Fernández, Saint Peter (Torrington)
Ana Silvia García, Sacred Heart (Waterbury)
Raúl García, Sacred Heart (Waterbury)
Mirian Miyasato, Saint Rose of Lima (East Hartford)
Elvia Orellana, Saint Peter (Torrington)
Olga Orellana, Saint Rose of Lima (East Hartford)
Dolores Ramírez, Saint Peter (Torrington)
Edwin Manuel Rivera Díaz, Sacred Heart (New Haven)
Karina Sandoval, Saint Mary (New Britain)

We also honor those who have completed all requirements of the first year of the Hispanic Lay Ministry Formation Program.

Roberto Castillo, Saint Peter (Torrington)
Anna Santiago, Saint Mary (New Britain)


This award recognizes those dioceses that promote and achieve a quality Catholic Scouting program. It is an opportunity for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting to salute those dioceses who truly deliver exceptional programs to youth members at all levels of Boy Scouts of America programs. When a diocese earns this award, it makes a statement that they have provided their youth members with the highest quality program experience possible. This is the 14th consecutive year the Archdiocese of Hartford has received this award.

This award is given to each Catholic sponsored cub pack, troop, team, crew or ship that has successfully completed Diocesan and Boy Scout of America training, service, religious emblem programs, religious activities, vocation awareness, relationship and membership requirements.

Cub Scout Pack 20 sponsored by Saint Matthew (Forestville)
Boy Scout Troop 20 sponsored by Saint Matthew (Forestville)
Cub Scout Pack 721 sponsored by Saint Mary (Milford)

80th-with-years-1.jpgThe Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting would like to recognize Saint Lawrence O’Toole (Hartford) for supporting Boy Scouts for the past 80 years.Troop 105 Assistant Scoutmaster Alan P. Long will accept the award on behalf of Saint Lawrence O’Toole. The Assistant Scoutmaster will then present the award to the parish community at a special celebration.

There are Five Series of Religious Activities and two International Activities offered by the Boy Scouts, through which interested youth and adults find fun and easy ways to learn more about their faith. One of these activities is the Marian Series, which examines the nineteen feasts and focuses on how and why the Church has honored Mary.

Gabriella Coughlin, Saint Catherine of Siena (Broad Brook)

The “God Is Love” program is designed for use with Girl Scouts who are in kindergarten or first grade. The program helps students discover an appreciation that God created, cares for, and loves us all.

Abigail Guzas, Saint Mary (Milford)
Katia Harris, Saint Therese (Granby)

The purpose of the “Family of God” program is to help children explore a wide range of activities to discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members
of their family and parish.

Angela Harris, Saint Therese (Granby)
Katia Harris, Saint Therese (Granby)
Ella Rose Iannone, Saint Francis Xavier (Waterbury)

The purpose of the “Light of Christ” program is to help the Cub Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus. With the parents' active assistance and participation in this program, it is hoped that the Cub will come to see Jesus as a real person and his friend. It is designed to be a stepping stone to the other religious emblems.

Robert Walsh, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Wyatt Bajorsta, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Timothy Bober, Our Lady of Mercy (Plainville)
Nolan Cameron, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Evan Maza, Saint Augustine (Seymour)
Andrew Mayne, Saint Elizabeth (Branford)
Alex Szynal, Saint Stanislaus (Bristol)
Michael Vollono, Church of the Resurrection (Wallingford)
Ethan Burgand, Saint Mary (Milford)
Giovanni Cacioppo, Saint Mary (Milford)
Everett Cweklinski, Saint Mary (Milford)
Colton Helsin, Saint Mary (Milford)
Evan Pavuk, Saint Mary (Milford)
Nicholas Shields, Saint Mary (Milford)
Xander Wight, Saint Mary (Milford)

The Parvuli Dei Religious Emblem means “Little Children of God.” It is a recognition that the Catholic Church awards to the Cub Scouts and Webelo
Scouts. Its purpose is to help the scout become more aware of God’s presence in his daily life, especially within his home and community. The scout earns this
emblem by meeting specific requirements involving his priest, counselor and family.

Dylan Cornet
Colin Berger Saint Ann (Milford)
Ryan Iannone Saint Anthony (Prospect)
Edgar Jorge Saint Anthony (Prospect)
Christopher Lloyd Saint Therese (Granby)
Chase Malinowski, Saint Joseph (Poquonock)
Cole Malinowski, Saint Joseph (Poquonock)
Sean Morley, Saint Mark the Evangelist (West Hartford)
Britton Housum, Saint Timothy (West Hartford)
Blake Charboneau, Saint Bernadette (New Haven)
Benjamin Mayne, Saint Elizabeth (Branford)
Shane Salemme, Saint Therese (Branford)
Daniel Vrba, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Gavin Leone, Saint Ambrose (North Branford)
Jonathan Loffredo, Saint Michael (New Haven)
Nicholas Vollono, Church of the Resurrection (Wallingford)
Michael Roney, Saint Mary (Milford)
Peter Swanson, Saint Mary (Milford)
Roberto Frunzio, Saint Rita (Hamden)
Robert O'Connor, Saint Frances (North Haven)

The Ad Altare Dei religious Emblem Program was designed by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting for Boy Scouts and Venture Crew members, which also
includes adolescent girls. The Purpose of the Ad Altare Dei program, which means “to the altar of God,” is to help Catholic Youth develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. The program is organized in chapters based on the seven sacraments. The seven sacraments are a primary means towards spiritual growth.

Derek Angelicola, Saint Matthew (Bristol)
Noah Bernier, Saint Matthew (Bristol)
Cameron Fabrizio, Saint Matthew (Bristol)
Ryan Rocheleau, Saint Francis of Assisi (Naugatuck)
Aidan Shea, Saint Michael (Beacon Falls)
Caleb Shea, Saint Michael (Beacon Falls)
Andrew Zembraski, Saint Mary (Union City)
Mason Barto, Saint Mary Star of the Sea (Unionville)
Aiden Coyle, Saint Mary Star of the Sea (Unionville)
Colin Coyle, Saint Mary Star of the Sea (Unionville)
Timothy Germano, Saint Mary Star of the Sea (Unionville)
Matthew Olson, Saint Mary Star of the Sea (Unionville)
Evan Mankouski, Saint Bernard (Suffield)
John Schott, Saints Peter & Paul (Waterbury)

The Spirit Alive program is designed for Ambassador and Senior Catholic Girl Scouts and Camp Fire during their high school years. It assists them in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the church’s ministry. The emphasis is on Prayer, Scripture, Church Documents of Vatican II, and Service to others. Because this is the highest Catholic Award a Girl Scout can receive, she will be accompanied by her parents as she is escorted to the front of the Cathedral.

Katie Kelly, Saint Therese (Granby)

The Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem program is for Boy Scouts and Venture Crew Members, which also include adolescent girls. This emblem is the highest emblem a Scout or Crew Member can earn from the Catholic Church. During the course of this program, the participant fulfills five commitments, which demonstrate his or her growth towards attaining leadership in both the secular world as well as demonstrating a commitment to Christ and the Catholic Church. Their performances in these leadership roles are judged by their parish priest and facilitator. The awardees of the Pope Pius XII emblem, along with their parents, will be escorted to the front of the Cathedral to be
recognized for their accomplishments. Because this emblem is the highest emblem a Scout or Crew Member can earn from the Catholic Church, recipients will be accompanied by their parents as they are escorted to the front of the Cathedral.

Benjamin Buzzeo, Saint Margaret (Madison)
Christopher Fortier, Sacred Heart (Suffield)
Devin Stout, Saint Patrick-Saint Anthony (Hartford)
Andrew Bean, Saint Therese (Granby)
Mark Wojcicki, Jr., Saint Paul (Kensington)
Michael Jude LoVetro, Saints Peter and Paul (Waterbury)


The Bronze Pelican is used to recognize individuals in our dioceses for their significant contributions to the spiritual development of the Catholic Youth in
the Boy Scouting Program.

Caroline Wojcicki, Saint Paul (Kensington)

The Jerusalem Cross award is for those who participate in the “Scouting in the Catholic Church” course. They must develop and deliver a mission project that serves the needs of your parish youth ministry or diocesan Catholic Scouting community.

Gail Meakin, Saint Joseph (Poquonock)
Anne Moskal, Saint Katherine Drexel (New Britain)
Paul Paloski, Saint Vincent Ferrer (Naugatuck)
Karen Paul, St. Matthew (Forestville)


571123_TN_shadow.pngCatechists are the hard-working, dedicated volunteers who give life to Faith Formation programs in our parishes. These individuals devote their time, talent and energy to the youth they serve. The Religious Education Service Awards honor those men and women who have dedicated ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five or more years of service to religious education in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford.


Dr. Richard Araya, Saint Peter Claver (West Hartford)
Ginny Byrne, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Janet Chamberland, Saint Joseph (Bristol)
Kara Clarkin, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Rosemary Coggeshall, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
MaryJo Downs, Saint Ann (Milford)
Sandra Harrison, Saint Teresa of Avila (Woodbury)
Julie Livingstone, Saint Peter Claver (West Hartford)
Ruth A. Murphy, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Andrea Ross, Our Lady of Pompeii (East Haven)
Michelle Sadak, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Kelly Sardo, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Patricia Sidlovsky, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Paul Francis, Travers Saint Timothy (West Hartford)
Tammy Usher, Saint Bernard (Enfield)
Amy Verrone-Buccilli, Saint Peter Claver (West Hartford)
Arthur Witkowski, Saint Thomas of Villanova (Goshen)


Deborah Begin, Saint Casimir (Terryville)
Catherine M. Corwin, Saint Thomas of Villanova (Goshen)
Cathy De Carli, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Jackie Donnelly, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Colleen Dupont, Saint Ann (Hamden)
William Higgins, Our Lady of Pompeii (East Haven)
Jackie Hunter, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Patricia Labadia, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Anne E. McNamee, Saint Helena (West Hartford)
Sheila K. Spilka, Saint Ann (Hamden)
Roberta Mary Vendetti, Saint Thomas (Southington)


Linda Courchesne, Saint Bernard (Enfield)
Andrew Cote, Saint Bernard (Enfield)
Anne Marian Kuhn, Saint Timothy (West Hartford)
Cynthia Mangini, Saint Bernard (Enfield)
Ellen P. Maust, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
Donna R. Talia, Immaculate Conception (Terryville)


Maura Baker, Saint Thomas (Southington)
Sandra Ingriselli, Saint Thomas (Southington)
Palma Ruggiero, Our Lady of Pompeii (East Haven)
Patricia A. Scussel, Our Lady of Pompeii (East Haven)
Dawn Vittorio, Our Lady of Pompeii (East Haven)
Verena Yarosis, Saint Francis Xavier (Waterbury)


Dolores Fortuna, Saint Ann (Hamden)
Mary Judith, Meyer Saint Thomas of Villanova (Goshen)
Ilse Maria Nigro, Saint Peter Claver (West Hartford)


Tracy Sommo Blum, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)


Irene Fojtik, Saint Thomas (Southington)


Corinne Sommo, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
George W. Tomlinson, Immaculate Conception (Terryville)


This award is given to outstanding youth (high school seniors) whose parishes have recognized that they have exercised their baptismal call and selflessly served their ThankYouMat5_16djk11-vi.gifpeers through parish youth ministry efforts with unwavering commitment and dedication throughout all four years of high school.

Ryan Abarzua, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Abby Alfieri, Saint Thomas (Southington)
Pia Barlotta, Saint Joseph (Bristol)
Abigail J. Bigus, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Carolann Rebecca Bordiere, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Deanna Bosse, Saint John Fisher (Marlborough)
Danielle Brinckman, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Makenna Jane Calabrese, Saint Thomas (Southington)
Kaeleigh Canty, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Juliana Cappola, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
Annachiana Chacchia, Saint Teresa of Avila (Woodbury)
Gina Chappano, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Connor Charamut, Saint James (Rocky Hill)
Michael B. Charla, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Donald Richard Cianciolo, Jr., Saints Peter and Paul (Waterbury)
Brendan Civitello, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Sierra Cushman, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Samantha DePalma, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
MacKenna Dillon, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Jack William Dolan, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Brianna Eroh, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
Audrey Nicole Farfan, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Adriana Marie Farrell, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Nicholas Ferrauolo, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
Catherine Anne Fiske, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
John Funk, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Brianna Fusco, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Scott Gaffney, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Courtney Gibson, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
William Ginn, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Daniel Joseph Hansen, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Brian W. Hanshaw, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Lucy Henderschedt, Saint John Fisher (Marlborough)
Aliya Hernandez, Saint Francis Xavier (Waterbury)
Eileen Holmes, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Stephanie Humen, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Cassidy Jeche, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Alexa Kapelewski, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Jonathan Kelly, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Benjamin Kennure, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Kaitlin Josephine Kerr, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Sarah Klotzman, Saint Therese (Granby)
Veronica Krusz, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Julian Matthew Label, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Anthony D. Lopreiato, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Ryan James Luca, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Emma Lupo, Our Lady of Fatima (Yalesville)
Alexandra Matthews, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Erin Mulhall, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Gavin R. Nealon, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Jaren T. Nelson, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Allie O'Keeffe, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Samantha Page, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Evan Palmberg, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Mathew Pangle, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Daniel Peluso, Saint Catherine of Siena (West Simsbury)
Allison Perrault, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Gina Perrella, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Jonathan Pieper, Saint Teresa of Avila (Woodbury)
Isabel Plant, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Michael Price, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Kateri Quinn, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Jared Ramsey, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Lucy Raymond, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Anna Regan, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Taylor Marie Relva, Saints Peter and Paul (Waterbury)
Lauren Mae Santiago, Saint Joseph (Bristol)
Michael Smith, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Luke Steele, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Elizabeth Ann Strachan, Saint Francis Xavier (Waterbury)
Clare J. Sullivan, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Joseph Sullivan, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Angelena Taccariello, Saint Mary (Naugatuck)
Benjamin Theriault, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Kaylei Thomas, Saint Francis Xavier (New Milford)
Meghan E. Tooth, Saint John of the Cross (Middlebury)
Cathryn Lena Tuttle, Saint Patrick (Farmington)
Ryan Van Riper, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Katie Vartenigian, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Nicole Vasil, Saint Paul (Kensington)
Meghan Villano, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Richard Wilson,III, Saint Dunstan (Glastonbury)
Caroline Anna Winicki, Sacred Heart (Southbury)
Mary M. Wood, Saint Paul (Kensington)


This award is given to adults who have dedicated at least five years of service to the youth of their parish community. They are being recognized for theirLight of the World 1.png
commitment to young people within the parish as reflected in Renewing the Vision: building programs and outreach to/with/by and for youth; serving as role models; and making significant contributions to the spiritual welfare of youth.

Jennifer O’Neill, Saint John Fisher (Marlborough)
Jacqueline Ann Wielgoszinski,
Saint Therese (Granby)