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April 22, 2020
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Elementary School Administrators from Sr. Mary Grace

Ministerial Agreements 2020-2021

Administrators should expect an email sent by Kelsey on my behalf later today or tomorrow at the latest. Knowing that the pandemic may have serious impact on our school enrollment, I have collaborated with our legal counsel on letters which must be sent out either tomorrow or Friday, by both email AND regular mail, to all those who typically would get ministerial agreements for the next school year by May 1st.  There will be three different letters:
  1. Letters to be given to those who typically receive ministerial agreements where the school has already announced it will close.
  2. Letters to be given to those who typically receive ministerial agreements where there is a question about whether the school may close.
  3. Letters to be given to ALL others who typically receive ministerial agreements in the light of the pandemic. These ministerial agreements will not be offered until a later calendar date as will be explained in the letter. 
The text of the letter must be used but you will need to personalize with the date, the name to receive the letter, and your signature as well as your pastors. The letter should be on school or parish letterhead. To reiterate, the letters must be sent by both snail mail AND email.
We will send you the letters once we complete legal review.
Thank you.

Have You Visited the OEEC Website Lately?

The OEEC website is updated daily to keep our coronavirus resources, distance learning, tools for families, and much more as current as possible to assist you in these times of virtual and at-home learning and praying through the Easter season.
Our latest additions include: 
  • An updated Upcoming Events page focused on virtual events such as webinars and “virtual conversations,” where access to information is quickly accessible
  • A resource page specifically for pastors and parish leaders
Be sure to visit these pages, as well as the many resources available throughout the website.  

On Behalf of Anne Clubb, Director of Community Engagment:

Virtual Admissions Resource:

Here’s a helpful article that Emily Cretella of Cursive Content wrote for the Enrollment Management Association entitled, “Virtual Admissions: Tips for Bringing Your In-Person Process Online.”

Innovation Grant Deadline Extension:

Catholic school elementary and secondary teachers, as well as parish catechetical leaders and youth ministers are encouraged to submit applications for the new Innovation Grants generously funded by the Hartford Bishops’ Foundation. The deadline to apply for the grants has been extended to May 15 and the application can be found by clicking here. These grants have been created to fund innovative initiatives that will create long-lasting, transformative, and positive change in our schools and parishes. Don’t miss out on this great chance to finance projects that have been on the “wish list,” for years, awaiting the necessary funding!

Engaging Your Constituencies During Covid-19:

Recently added to the OEEC Resource Page: explore a new document entitled, "How to Continue to Engage Your Constituencies," (downloads a PDF) compiled from tips submitted by Catholic school directors of admissions and advancement throughout the country. It offers helpful and doable suggestions on remaining connected to school alumni, current students and families, prospective students and families, and donors.

NCEA is Joining with Partners in Mission to Offer a Joint Webinar on Engaging Donors:

Join Katie Thiemann from Partners in Mission for an upcoming webinar, Engaging Donors in Turbulent Times, as she shares concrete strategies on moving forward. She will discuss how to:

  • segment your donors and which ones to call,
  • how to sensitively ask for gifts,
  • effective communications for your entire community,
  • shoring up a new financial aid budget to keep our students enrolled
  • leading your team to a new and different tomorrow.

Register for the live webinar on Monday, April 27 at 1:00 p.m. or the on-demand recording!

On Behalf of Kelly Henderschedt, Director of Catechesis

For Catechetical Leaders: May Crowning Ideas for Parishes

Parishes that normally have gathered May Crowning ceremonies can still honor the Blessed Mother Mary during this time of social distancing. If your parish has an outdoor statue of Mary, consider a 'drive by' celebration where families can witness a crowning from the safety of their cars. Families could be given time slots to come to the parish to pray by the statue of Mary or place flowers or prayer intentions.
Joe Paprocki of Loyola Press has an excellent (and short!) video of how to do an "At Home" May Crowning, complete with prayers, reflections and even songs to sing to honor our Blessed Mother.
Consider sending this link to your families in an email newsletter or post it on your parish's social media or website. Encourage families to take pictures of their "At Home" May Crowning to share back with you.

On Behalf of Maria Maynard, Assistant to the Provost:

NCEA Convention 2020 Virtual Presentation: The Transformative Value of School Vitality:

The webinars presented at the NCEA Convention continue to provide outstanding information for Catholic school viability in challenging times. Two goals must be addressed: a cultural mindset of growth must be cultivated and the approach to that end must be strategic.

There are several important steps in achieving the goal.

  • The leader must be a visionary leader. It is imperative for the leader to assess successes and areas of improvement in order to accomplish innovation and growth.
  • It must be a team effort. Start inside with faculty buy-in and work outwardly to staff, students, parents, Home and School, and board. Everyone must participate.
  • Create only 3 goals for improvement and develop a road map to accomplish these each year.
  • Accept challenges of change based on environment i.e. need for emergency distant teaching and learning.
  • Invite everyone to invest in a dynamic vision. Explain how this will deliver on the school’s mission and vision.
  • Create an innovation team.
  • Establish true engagement. Model relationships of acceptance and respect.
  • Must be attractive in order to attract others to your school; treat people well, share your vision, invite people to join you, say thank you, keep your efforts ongoing, and be bold.
  • Engage in strategic thinking. This will necessitate situational analysis and key strategies and response oriented leadership.
  • Do not change your vision every year. You need 3 big strategic initiatives each year to achieve improvement which will lead to school vitality.

This webinar has been recorded so that you may access it on your own. It is well worth the time. Click here to see all the webinars available from NCEA. 

On Behalf of Laura McCaffrey, Assistant to the Provost:

Please remember to send in your HOPES Grant application by Friday, April 24, 2020.  

The HOPES Grant application and memo regarding the application are located on the OEEC portal. The grant application along with required attachments are due on or before Friday, April 24, 2020. The application can be sent by email to If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact her.

Distance Learning Page on the OEEC Website for Principals and Teachers:

New materials updated this week:

  • Zoombombers - How to Keep Students and their Data Safe
  • Google Meet
  • How to Keep Students from Starting or Recording a Meeting
  • How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Meeting without You 
  • Integration with Google Classroom 
  • 3 Ways to See Your Students when Presenting your Screen
  • Giving Remote Control of your Computer & Mouse to Someone Else in a Google Meet
  • Virtual Field Trips - 31 Tools to Help Provide Virtual Field Trips for Students 

Elementary school principals and teachers, please review the OEEC website for resources located on the Distance Learning Page. Also, if you want to share distance learning resources with other teachers, please email


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