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August 31, 2020
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On Behalf of Ana Maria Alstrum, Archdiocesan Director of of Hispanic Catechesis:

La música es parte integral de nuestro Ministerio Hispano y les invito a todos los ministros de la pastoral hispana a que participen en la 8va. Conferencia de Músicos Pastorales y Ministros Litúrgicos, CUANDO LA IGLESIA ORA Y CANTA.
Esta Conferencia Virtual está organizada por la Asociación de Músicos Pastorales Hispanos, AMPHE.ORG y se celebrará del 27 al 30 de agosto del 2020. 
Este evento es GRATIS y para participar sólo deben registrarse y escoger sus talleres. 
Enlace para ver la información sobre la Conferencia los talleres:

On Behalf of BJ Daly Horell, Archdiocesan Director of Catholic Biblical School:

Catholic Biblical School (CBS): Opening Scripture Formation Days (OSD)
Students enrolled in the CBS this fall are required to attend a Scripture Formation Process and Orientation in place of our usual OSDs. Here’s how we plan to go forward:
  • OSD 100 (first year) will be a hybrid experience involving a shortened (3 hours) Scripture Day. Our primary presentation is on September 12 with an additional, repeatable webinar on September 5, 2020.
  • OSD 200 (second year) will be a hybrid experience involving a shortened Scripture Day. Our primary presentation is on September 19 with an additional, repeatable orientation webinar on September 1.
  • OSD 300 (third year) will be a virtual experience, involving a series of webinars to be held on August 29, 2020 with an additional, repeatable orientation webinar on September 1.
Look for an email from BJ Daly Horell with details of locations and timings, as well as links to the webinars.
CBS Weekly Class Meetings
General information about how all weekly class meetings (CBS 100, 200 and 300) will operate (virtual, in-person or hybrid) is now available on the OEEC website on our Where and When We Meet Weekly page. 
Additional details are also available through the Saint Thomas Seminary Registrar website (STSRegistrar), accessed through the Study Matters page.
Your teachers will be in touch with you before your class begins, with information about the online tools they intend to use to organize classes this year.
Protections Against Covid-19 for Onsite CBS Gatherings
All CBS gatherings that are scheduled to be held onsite and in-person are subject to change, when and if the pandemic situation shifts in our area. Notifications will be provided on the STSRegistrar site, accessed through the Study Matters page.
Please be assured that all onsite CBS gatherings will comply with the strict directives provided by the CDC and the Archdiocese of Hartford. It is each student’s responsibility to bring a mask to all CBS onsite gatherings, to maintain social distancing while on the property, to wash hands thoroughly and frequently, to refrain from sharing materials with other students, except those who reside together, to take your temperature before class and to refrain from attending class in the presence of Covid-19 symptoms or a positive Covid-19 test.

On Behalf of Kelly Henderschedt, Director of Catechesis:

Less Than 4 Weeks Away until Missio and Youth Ministry Accompaniment Day! 
The OEEC welcomes all catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers, Catholic school teachers and those who minister to adults and oversee sacramental preparation to join us the morning of September 19, 2020, as we "Embrace Hope" during these challenging times of ministry. Tom East of The Center for Ministry Development will be the keynote speaker and will be joined by other local and national speakers who will all present engaging workshops to fill our toolboxes and feed our souls. 
Click here to see the schedule for the day and a list of workshops.
Attention Catechetical Leaders: Have you Received your Copy of the New Directory for Catechesis?
This long awaited visionary document provides guidelines for the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Kerygma (Gospel message) and places catechesis clearly within the realm of evangelization. Click here to purchase your copy and here for a Catechist’s Guide to the New Directory for Catechesis.
Here is an excellent webinar from the USCCB that features highlights from the new Directory. Or register here for a virtual event with Joe Paprocki and Julianne Stanz to examine the wealth of information and inspiration this document offers to all of us in catechetical ministry. In addition, this article by Vatican News lists the major themes of the new Directory. The USCCB is producing videos to expand our exploration of the new Directory. To view the first video on the Introduction to the Directory, click here.
Hoping to Enhance Parent Engagement in your Faith Formation Program this Fall?
The Search Institute has created this chart which focuses on six shifts needed for better family engagement. Check it out as you continue designing your program for your families. 

On Behalf of Laura McCaffrey, Advisor to the Vicar for Finance & Technology: 

Elementary School Principals and Business Managers for Elementary Schools:
Please note that the deadline for the 2020-2021 Adjusted Final Budget has been moved to September 1, 2020. 
  • This will help us get a better understanding of school financials earlier in the school year. 
  • All documents needed for the 2020 - 2021 Adjusted Final Budget have been uploaded to the OEEC portal under the Finances Folder.  
  • Please remember to use this updated template and not an old template saved from prior budgets. Questions? Contact Laura McCaffrey.
Digital Resource Page: Remote Learning
Summer is the perfect time to continue to improve your digital literacy. The OEEC invites you to continue to explore the Remote Learning Page of our website. Be sure to check back often as this page is updated with new information, webinars, videos and other helpful resources. 
New for the Week of August 23, 2020:
The Computer Science for Connecticut (CS4CT) Summit
The Computer Science for Connecticut (CS4CT) Summit brings together K-12 educators from across the state to promote and advance Computer Science education. It will be held virtually on October 2, 2020 and is hosted by CT-CSTA, ReadyCT and Sacred Heart University.
Join the conference to continue advancing computer science education across Connecticut.  Laura McCaffrey will be presenting at one of the sessions. Please consider registering for the event!  For more information click here.
VEX IQ Robot Leagues for the 2020 - 2021 School Year
For the 2020-2021 school year, we would like to start a Vex IQ Robotics League with Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford. Matches may start in January 2021 (contingent on COVID-19 situation). See the flyer for more details! Email Laura McCaffrey if your school is interested!
On Behalf of Frank Johnson, IT Director at Saint Bridget School in Cheshire
The school has 16 Smart Boards available for schools: click here for details. If you have any questions, contact Frank Johnson at

On Behalf of Nicole Perone, Archdiocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation: 

Adult Confirmation Virtual Training for Parish Ministers 
In this time of a pandemic and limits on in-person gatherings, preparation for the sacraments has become more complicated than ever, but the opportunity to welcome adults into the fullness of the life of the Church is more critical than ever as well!
The OEEC will be offering this virtual opportunity to learn more about how to prepare adults for the sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday, September 1 at 10:00 a.m.  We will discuss parameters of sacramental preparation as well as innovations for our current reality. Click this link to register!
All those responsible for catechizing adults in this way (parish catechetical leaders, RCIA team members, deacons, priests, etc.) are most welcome to join us. This training will also be recorded for future viewing - simply register (even if you cannot attend) and a recording will be sent later.
Is your parish already prepared to catechize adults for the sacrament of Confirmation, or intends to do so this fall?  Click here to complete a brief survey so that we are aware of what is available around the Archdiocese! 
Webinar & Discussion Series: The RCIA in Times of Social Distancing
As our partners at Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) will be hosting webinars focused on a return to initiation ministry in the COVID-19 reality, the OEEC wishes to supplement those webinars with post-event discussions focused on our local reality. Join the OEEC in attending each LTP webinar, and then virtually gathering for debrief and discussion of how best to apply what was presented in the context of our parishes in the Archdiocese of Hartford. (Like a book club – but for webinars!)
Click the links below to register for these free-of-charge webinars, and click here to register for the follow-up discussions:
OEEC discussions will be hosted by GoToMeeting; links for those will be sent out on the morning of the webinar.
Can’t Make A Session?  
Click here to access the previous webinars hosted by LTP. This is a great way to catch up on webinars you might have been unable to attend!  Note: The document at this link is updated after each session. If you do not see the most recent document, you may need to try another web browser or refresh your computer’s cache. 
Each OEEC Follow-Up Discussion will be recorded for future viewing. Simply register at the links above, even if you cannot attend, and a recording will be sent to your email. You can also email for recording links.
*Capstone RCIA Webinar:  "Discernment in Christian Initiation" 
As we journey through the RCIA process, one of the most common questions that RCIA ministers/team members have is: "How do I know if someone is ready to continue the process to receive the sacraments?" Though this question often arises prior to the Combined Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, discernment is a tool needed at every stage of the RCIA journey. The skill of discernment is especially needed in these uncharted waters of the RCIA process in the time of limited in-person gatherings.
Through this virtual workshop, we will come to a better understanding of the process of discernment in the RCIA, how it is experienced, and how it facilitates conversion. Join us on September 24, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. for this virtual gathering. There is no charge!  Click here to register! 
Presenter: Timothy A. Johnston, Editor and Liturgical Training Consultant
Timothy serves as Editor and Liturgical Training Consultant for Liturgy Training Publications. He has a degree in music education from Quincy University in Illinois, an MA in liturgical studies from St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, and an MA in Christian Doctrine from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has served as the director of liturgical programs at Marquette University, director of the Office of Liturgy for the dioceses of Salt Lake City and St. Cloud. 
SAVE THE DATES: Virtual Women’s Conference 2020
Some Difficult News - the Archdiocesan Women's Conference, scheduled for November 7, 2020, has been postponed (in its in-person iteration) due to coronavirus concerns.
Some Wonderful News - the OEEC is prepared to extend the experience of the Women's Conference in a virtual format, running from November 2020 to May 2021 (when registration will open for the 2021 conference). Instead of a full-day event, a chance to "attend" a workshop or prayer experience will be available monthly. These virtual events will take place on the first Wednesday of every month in the evening. Attendees will register in advance for either a virtual workshop or a virtual prayer, and are welcome to come as they are - yoga pants or sweatshirt or stilettos, glass of wine or cup of tea - to partake in spiritual nourishment and time in community as a taste of the experience of the Women's Conference in this socially distant time.... and of course, attendees can save their registration fee for the next in-person conference in 2021, because this year will be free of charge! 
Be sure to visit our Women's Conference Webpage, where all information will be available soon! 

On Behalf of the OEEC School Team:

Return to In-Person Instruction Guidelines
Schools administrators are encouraged to download a new, comprehensive document that includes all the guidance distributed by OEEC regarding the return to in-person instruction. Feel free to access the Archdiocese of Hartford Return to In-Person Instruction Guidelines here, providing you with the most pertinent information in one helpful resource.  Should you have any questions regarding the document, feel free to contact Val Mara, Adjunct to the Vicar for Education, Research and Policy.

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