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December 2, 2016
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Welcome to the new OEEC Newsletter! If you didn't already know, the Office of Catholic Schools and the Office of Religious Education and Evangelization have integrated into one office at the Archdiocesan Center in Bloomfield, located on the second floor, immediately to the left as you exit the elevator/stairway.

This new newsletter serves as a comprehensive hub for all programs and ministries that fall under the OEEC, and is one of the many important components to our integration. We hope that you find this newsletter insightful.

Other News:

New Staff Members

We welcome to the office two new members; Kelly Henderschedt and Nicole Perone. Kelly has accepted the position as Archdiocesan Director of Catechetical Education and Nicole as Archdiocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation. Miriam Hidalgo, who previously was responsible for Hispanic Catechesis has accepted the position as Archdiocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. In the coming months, these directors will be contacting you to meet and discuss ways to be of service to you. We are sure that you will give them a warm welcome! (To see all of our staff, click here.)

The Catholic Biblical School and Office for Catholic Social Justice Ministry present "Bringing Laudato Si to Life During the Christmas Season and Beyond"

Sunday, December 4, 2016, 1:30-4:00pm
Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary

For more information, click here.

Catholic Biblical School

After the Jubilee "God’s Mercy Continues"

In his most recent apostolic letter, Pope Francis reminds us that for those who hope in Jesus, the fruits of our Jubilee of Mercy must continue. He recommends all Catholics get to know God’s mercy more fully by reading the Bible, which is God’s Book of Mercy.

He writes:

The Bible is the great story of the marvels of God’s mercy. Every one of its pages is steeped in the love of the Father who from the moment of creation wished to impress the signs of his love on the universe. ...
I greatly desire that God’s word be increasingly celebrated, known and disseminated, so that the mystery of love streaming from this font of mercy may be ever better understood. (Misericordia et misera No. 7)

To learn more about the Catholic Biblical School, go to our website.

Youth/Young Adult Ministry

Youth Rally "Alive in Christ"

This is an opportunity for youth to engage with teens from around the Archdiocese of Hartford with worship, music, speakers, and faith-filled fellowship.

The event takes place Sunday April 30, 2017 from 1:00 - 8:00pm at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford CT. For more information please click here.

Adult Ministry

Adult Confirmation Fall 2016

Our final Adult Confirmation ceremony for the year will be taking place on Tuesday, December 6 at 7 PM at Saint Thomas Seminary (Bloomfield). Confirmands and sponsors should be at the Seminary by 6:15 pm for a brief rehearsal. If your parish has confirmands, please see our website for more information.

R.C.I.A. Development Opportunity

A series of workshops is available for those who coordinate, serve as team members, want help implementing, want to connect with others in the ministry, or just want a refresher in R.C.I.A. in the parish setting. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, click here.

Rite of Election

While spring may seem far off in this nearly-winter season, we all know that Lent approaches quickly! Please mark your calendars for Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 3pm at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph for our Archdiocesan Rite of Election. For more information and all the forms that you need, please click here.

Lay Ministry Program

In the hiring of Nicole Perone as the Archdiocesean Director of Adult Faith Formation, Nicole has been tasked with the research and design of a comprehensive program in Lay Ministry for those adults who wish to serve in our parishes throughout the Archdiocese. More.....

Leadership in Catholic Schools

Effective Leadership

Well known authors in the area of educational leadership, L. Bolman and T. Deal explore the many dimensions of effective leadership in a text, now in its fifth edition, entitled "Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership" (2013). They make reference to various styles including social dynamics – diversity; human resources – professional development; community – impact of all sectors; political – interior and exterior governing structures; institutional – culture; and leadership directed to various constituencies, i.e. students, parents, etc. They write that strong understanding of these types of leadership result in an individual’s ability to bring about constructive change in a school, deeper student learning, and broad teaching effectiveness. Read more....

To see the Leadership Academy Brochure click here.

Teaching and Learning in Catholic Schools

To E-Book or Not to E-Book – THAT is the Question

"Would you like paper or plasma?"

When discussing the benefits and drawbacks of reading digitally or in print, the purpose of the reading must be taken into account, as well as an understanding that our brains process digital reading differently. Collective neuroscience research agrees that humans use different parts of the brain when reading from a piece of paper or from a screen. “So the more you read on screens, the more your mind shifts towards "non-linear" reading — a practice that involves things like skimming a screen or having your eyes dart
around a web page.” Read more....

Enrollment Management/Marketing in Catholic Schools

Effective Parent Communication Strategies

Effective and ongoing communication with parents is one of the most important factors impacting strong school retention. If parents feel “out of the loop”, and disengaged, it is easier for them to begin to look elsewhere for their children’s educational options. Here are some great tips to improve the school’s interaction with the school community. Read more...

All of us in the OEEC wish you a blessed Advent and JOY at Christmas and in the coming new year!
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