Current Students


The Catholic Biblical School provides information and ongoing support to current students, alumnae/i, and others who seek biblical tools and materials.

Student Access to STS Registrar:

Use this link to open the log-in page for STS Registrar, where you can access class cancellation notifications, check your progress, and update your personal information.


  1. To log in to the portal, enter your password into the field below the blue "Please Login" notice, and click on the "Login" button.
  2. Passwords are case sensitive.
  3. All student passwords follow the same format: UPPER CASE initials (two or three letters, depending on whether you gave us a middle initial) followed by your eight-digit date of birth. So if you’re Mr. Donald E. Duck, born March 13, 1914, your password would be: DED03131914. Or if no middle initial was provided in your application, the password would be: DD03131914.

Saint Thomas Seminary Campus Opioid Antagonists (Naloxone, Narcan) Policy: Click here for complete information


For more information, please contact:
BJ Daly Horell
Archdiocesan Director of the Catholic Biblical School
860-242-5573 ext. 2679