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Our Core Courses

  • CBS 100/Year One: Old Testament Foundations ~ Genesis through Kings
  • CBS 200/Year Two: New Testament Foundations ~ Jesus and Discipleship
  • CBS 300/Advanced Year A: Old Testament Continued ~ Exile and Restoration
  • CBS 400/Advanced Year B: Old and New Testaments Concluded ~ The Word in Hellenistic World

Course Syllabi for College Credit

Students enrolled for college credit must familiarize themselves with course requirements listed, over and above requirements for the Core Courses, in the syllabus for the course in which they are enrolled:

Making Sense of the Bible in the Catholic Tradition (CBS 075)

CBS 075 draws upon the strengths of the Catholic Biblical School process but with minimal student commitment. This course is intended to stand alone. It is designed to introduce, in a straightforward manner, how the Catholic Church approaches the Bible as well as introducing the educational dynamics of the Archdiocesan Biblical School.

At the invitation of authorized pastoral leaders, classes take place in the context of the local faith communities and are led by graduates of the Catholic Biblical School who have received specialized training to lead this extension course. To offer this program in your parish, ask your pastor or other parish or school leader to contact us in the OEEC.


For more information, please contact:
BJ Daly Horell
Archdiocesan Director of the Catholic Biblical School
860-242-5573 ext. 2679