ELM: Leadership Formation


The Leadership Formation program is 1.5 years of human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation, providing a ministerial foundation for:

    • Those who are entering a new ministry
    • Those who have ministerial experience, but need theological or pastoral development
    • Those who wish to participate in ongoing formation in ministry

Program Requirements

Certificate of Completion
How to Apply
Whom to Contact
Printable Documents

Ministerial Mentor

Each participant will select a volunteer ministerial mentor. A volunteer mentor can be procured through one’s own research, or the OEEC will coordinate the pairing based on ministerial interests, stage of life, and other such parameters. A mentor should be someone who is currently ministering in, or has in the past ministered in, the participant’s own area of ministry; a mentor should also be prepared to engage consistently with the participant as adviser, guide, and conversation partner to assist in reflection and growth throughout the program.

Meetings with mentors are required throughout the 1.5 year process, as coordinated between the participant and mentor.


    Six (6) core courses will be required. Five (5) of those will be offered online, through the Notre Dame STEP program. They are:

    • Core Course: Introduction to the Catholic Faith
    • Ecclesiology
    • Liturgy: A Guide for the Perplexed
    • Catholic Social Teaching
    • The Intercultural Church: Theological Foundations and Pastoral Practices

    One (1) core course will be a live (in-person) class in the Archdiocese of Hartford:

    • Making Sense of the Bible in the Catholic Tradition

    Two (2) elective courses will be required, of the participant’s choice. Notre Dame STEP courses, as well as those offered through the OEEC, will be eligible, provided they comply with the expectations of the participant’s ministerial track.

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Formation Days

    Formation Days will be day-long gatherings of the cohort to provide in-person community-building, as well as formation on ministry-specific topics.

    The themes for each occasion are:

    • Formation Day I: Discernment: Is This Where God is Calling Me?
    • Formation Day II: Workers, Not Master Builders: Starting and Sustaining A Ministry
    • Formation Day III: The Spirituality of Leadership

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Written Reflections

    Reflections will be written in collaboration with one’s ministerial mentor and pastor/supervisor. They will be prepared with coursework, parish ministry experience, mentor conversations, and formation days in mind, and demonstrate the formation of the participant taking place.

    They will be submitted at three points throughout the program:

    • Post-Pentecost
    • Advent
    • Post-Easter

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Certificate of Completion

    Those who complete the ELM leadership formation program will receive a certificate of completion from the Archbishop at the annual Archdiocesan Awards Ceremony.

    A key component of leadership is a commitment to ongoing formation, after formal formation has ended. The OEEC offers a variety of opportunities for ongoing formation in parish ministry.

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    Due to the generous support of the Hartford Bishops’ Foundation, the OEEC is prepared to underwrite the cost of Cohort I (2018-2019) in its entirety. A formation program of a $600 value will have costs waived for the first cohort, in order to provide high-quality ministerial formation without impediment.

    Future costs for the ELM leadership formation program are anticipated to be $600. The cost for the ELM leadership formation program will be $600. The breakdown of cost is:

    • 9 courses at $50/course = $450
    • 3 formation days at $25/day = $75
    • Materials cost = $75

    Distribution of funds can be determined between the pastor and participant, although investment on the part of the parish is expected.

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How to Apply

    Applicants of Cohort I (2018-2019) should complete the following forms:

    Applications should be returned to the OEEC no later than January 19, 2018 in order to begin the cohort on February 3, 2018.

    Future cohort applications will be accepted starting in September of each year, as a new cohort begins each January. Applications will be through the OEEC online
    applicant tracking process.

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Printable Documents

ELM: Leadership Formation Brochure

ELM: Leadership Formation Application Documents:

Pastor Recommendation
Ministerial Mentor

Point of Contact

    Nicole M. Perone
    Archdiocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation
    860-242-5573 x2677 (office)
    860-243-9690 (fax)