In light of the current climate, the OEEC has suspended many previously scheduled in-person events. However, this time of physical distance will not stop us from continuing to connect using virtual means!

Around the Archdiocese:

In order to curate requests for resources and sharing of events from our parishes, the OEEC has created a landing page for all of those requests. Click here to see it. 


The OEEC calendar is still available and updated for the purpose of staying abreast of all events, virtual or otherwise. Click here to view it. 

OEEC Virtual Events:

To check out upcoming webinars, meetings, and conversations hosted by the OEEC which will be taking place virtually, click here.

Virtual Events from Our Partners:

The OEEC has curated connections with other organizations and ministries who are offering excellent virtual content. If you are looking for information about virtual events from other organizations and partners, click here

OEEC In-Person Events: 

The OEEC will still continue to provide in-person offerings in the future. Click this page to view more information about them.