Catholic Scouting

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Calling All Scouts and Scout Leaders!

Join us for one of two great training opportunities for scouts and their leaders. Both sessions will be held at the Pastoral Center in Bloomfield on September 15, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Catholic Religious Emblem Training

Are you a scout leader who would you like to help your scouts reach important and meaningful goals? Then learn to counsel scouts on how they can acquire their distinctive religious emblems including the Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius and Adult Awards. You won’t regret helping young people achieve these important milestones. To register for this training, click here.

Boy Scout Chaplain Aide Training

Is your faith an integral part of your life, including your scouting activities? Then being a chaplain’s aide may be a great consideration for you. This session will prepare you to serve and support those of many different religious beliefs, while enriching your own faith life.To register for this training, click here.


Catholic Scouting Retreat

October 27, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
St. Bridget School, 80 Main Street, Manchester, CT

This retreat is open to any Girl Scout or Boy Scout in kindergarten to 12th grade, who would like to earn their religious emblem.

Programs will include:

  • God is Love
  • Family of God/ Light of Christ
  • I Live My Faith/ Parvuli Dei
  • Mary, the First Disciple/ Ad Altare Dei
  • Spirit Alive/ Pope Pius XII
  • Missio

To register, click here.


Religious Emblems Activity Booklets Due Date

All booklets need to be submitted to the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis by April 1 in order to be eligible for this year’s awards ceremony. The fees are listed below. Please make checks out to Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis or OEEC. The committee will review all applications before a letter announcing the award and other information will be sent home. If you have any questions, please E-Mail Jennifer McClintock at

God is Love (Girl Scouts) $10.00
Family of God (Girl Scouts) $10.00
Light of Christ (Boy Scouts) $10.00
Parvuli Dei (Boy Scouts) $10.00
Mary, the First Disciple (Girl Scouts) $15.00
Ad Altare Dei (Boy Scouts) $15.00
Spirit Alive (Girl Scouts) $15.00
Pope Pius XII (Boy Scouts) $15.00
Parent Pins are available for all Boy Scout emblems and are an additional $4.00 each.


Archdiocese of Hartford - Catholic Committee on Scouting

The Catholic Committee on Scouting was established to promote the spiritual, citizenship and character development of Catholics involved in either the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts program. Scouting is recognized as a very important part of the Youth Ministry program within the Archdiocese of Hartford. The Catholic Committee is responsible for:

  • Promotion and assistance in training of Catholic youth and adults.
  • Promotion of religious emblems programs and recognition.
  • Training of religious emblems counselors and leaders in spiritual development.
  • Promotion of scouting as a youth ministry for parishes.
  • Providing spiritual enrichment for scouts through various activities.
  • Recognition of those who have both completed spiritual enrichment programs and those who have given so much of their time and talent.
  • Documenting all those who have been trained,attended functions and received recognition.
  • Working with other departments of the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis and the scouting community to help fulfill the needs of our youth and leaders.

The Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis (OEEC) and Catholic Committee on Scouting have materials and services available to promote and enhance the programs within the Archdiocese. The goal of this committee is to enrich and nurture the spiritual needs of our scouts and leaders. Catholic Scouting plays an important role in the development of our children’s relationship with the Lord and with His Church. We are grateful for our scout leaders and for their many hours of work and dedication. We hope that more of our youth and adults become involved in Catholic Scouting. We also pray that almighty God may continue to bless the work of this important ministry.


For more information on Catholic Scouting Awards for both girls and boys, click here.

Or contact:
Jennifer McClintock, Archdiocesan Coordinator of Catholic Scouting or 860-242-5573

Deborah Klotzman, Girl Scout Committee Chair

John Meakin, Jr. , Boy Scout Committee Chair