September 19, 2020

Here are the recordings of the Keynote Addresses and the workshops that were presented at Missio/Youth Ministry Accompaniment Day, Saturday, September 19. Included also are any handouts and resources that presented made available. Please feel free to pass on the links and resources to anyone you feel would benefit from these presentations and the positive message of hope that radiated throughout this event.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Kelly Henderschedt, Ana Maria Alstrum or Michael Wellington


Embrace Hope, Tom East, Center for Ministry Development

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.  ~ Jeremiah 19:11
We are called to be people of hope.  As disciples, our lives are a sign that God’s love is more powerful than any situation, any crisis, and any tragedy that we can encounter.  As ministry leaders, we live by our hope in Christ, and lead others to hopeful, Gospel living.  This keynote will explore what it means to embrace hope.

Conferencista Principal

Llamados a Traer la Esperanza

Miriam Hidalgo, M.Ed., Conferencista y Editora Católica, Moderadora de Webinars en Español de Sadlier, Editora para USCCB, Colaboradora con RCL Benziger y el Instituto Fe y Vida
Todos nosotros fuimos creados a imagen y semejanza de Dios. Somos únicos, con diferentes talentos, emociones y gracias. Dios nos llama a cada uno porque somos parte de su gran plan. ¿Cómo descubre su llamado? ¿Cómo ayudar a otros a que lo descubran? Hoy más que nunca somos llamados a ser luz de esperanza para la Iglesia y el mundo entero.

New Challenges and a “New Normal” With the Same Mission: Forming Disciples

John Collins, Religious Education Consultant
Sponsor: Sadlier
The Covid-19 Pandemic proved one thing - we need to rethink how we do what we do, and that includes faith formation.  How we “do” catechesis has to change, and it will continue to change for the foreseeable future.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to sharpen our focus on our goal…forming disciples.  It’s not a time to put content and testing at the top of the priority list.  Rather, it’s a time for hospitality, welcoming back, re-connecting with children and families, demonstrating empathy, and encouraging and supporting faith formation…family faith formation.

Regardless of what approach you are using, some creativity and “out-of-the box” thinking and a touch of common sense can lead to positive experiences for both students and families.  In this session, John will share a variety of ideas, strategies, and suggestions for supporting faith formation in a time of change.  We are changing how we do what we do…forming disciples.

"What's In It For Me?" Eight Tips to Reach, Lead and Inspire Adults to Grow in Faith

Ann DiStefano, Director of Adult Faith Formation - Saint Ann Church
Ministry: Adult faith formation
Are you feeling stuck on how to engage busy, stressed adults (especially parents) in ongoing or even one-time adult faith formation? There's HOPE! Come learn about eight tips to reach, lead and inspire adults to make the time to go deeper in their relationships with God, themselves and others. (Hint: It involves those ubiquitous words: "What's in it for me?"!)

Scripture:  God’s Word of Hope for Catechesis

Kevin Dowd, Doctoral candidate in Theology and Education, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Adjunct Professor of Theology, Anna Maria College
Sponsor: Pflaum
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Harvard scholar Steven Pinker, in his popular book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,” includes a six-page accusation about the violence in the Hebrew Scriptures. This is a common thread evident in the current trend of militant atheism as well. As Catholic religious educators, we must not only be careful with our own use of Scripture in catechesis, but also actively promote a Catholic understanding of the Bible so that our students are adequately prepared for the challenges (and threats to faith) posed by the New Atheists and by literalists/fundamentalists alike. This presentation will give parish catechetical leaders and catechists some tools for helping students appreciate the Bible as “The Word of God... in human language.” Far from being a Scripture of violence and oppression, we recognize it as GOD’S WORD OF HOPE for our troubled times and for all time.

Radiating Christ – Witnessing Faith – (For Catechists with all Ages)

Tom East, Center for Ministry Development  
Imagine your parish as a community of witnesses.  Children, youth, and adults are longing to experience people of faith who can tell the story of God in their lives and point to Christ’s healing love.  In this session, participants discover the power of witness and consider ways to empower families and the parish community to radiate Christ’s love.

Preparar a los Padres de Familia para que Compartan la Fe con sus Hijos: TAREA URGENTE

Guadalupe Ospino, Licenciatura en Sicóloga Social y Maestría en Teología de Boston College,
Coordinadora de Apostolado Hispano en la Parroquia de San Patricio, Lawrence, MA.
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Todos hemos escuchado en algún momento que los padres de familia son los primeros catequistas en la vida de los niños. Esto suena muy bonito, pero seamos honestos: ¡Muchos padres de familia no conocen su propia fe y no saben cómo hablar de ella a sus hijos! Es urgente que pensemos en una catequesis de adultos que les dé a los padres de familia buenas herramientas para educar en la fe. Pero no se trata sólo de “hablar de la fe” sino de crear ambientes que hablen de Dios y espacios de encuentro con el Evangelio como familia. En este taller dialogaremos sobre maneras prácticas y recursos para hacer esto en nuestras comunidades. 

Becoming a Community who Accompanies Youth – (For all who are in Ministry with Youth)

Tom East, Center for Ministry Development  
The Emmaus journey provides a model for walking with youth in faith. We accompany those who are searching: we listen; we walk with them in their questions; we lead them to encounter Christ; and we empower them for mission and witness! This session will explore ways to empower your parish to intentionally accompany youth in faith and life.