The Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis (OEEC) invites parish catechetical leaders, youth ministers, catechists/teachers, Catholic school educators, RCIA coordinators, sacramental preparation coordinators and all who minister in faith formation, to attend MISSIO, a day designed for growth in ministry and faith.

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A Provocative Catechesis: Cultivating the Catholic Imagination Today

Timothy O’Malley, Ph.D., Director of Education at the McGrath Institute for Church Life; Academic Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy; Editor, Church Life Journal

Readers of the General Directory for Catechesis are aware of the importance of catechesis in the Church’s work of evangelization. But as catechists, we are also aware of the difficulty of teaching Christianity today. Many of those in our catechetical programs have little experience with practicing Catholicism. How do we engage in the work of catechesis today in light of this next context? 

Catechesis must be provocative, leading all into an encounter with Jesus Christ and cultivating the Catholic imagination in the process.


Llamados a Traer la Esperanza

Miriam Hidalgo, Miriam Hidalgo, M.Ed., Conferencista y Editora Católica, Moderadora de Webinars en Español de Sadlier, Editora para USCCB, Colaboradora con RCL Benziger y el Instituto Fe y Vida

Todos nosotros fuimos creados a imagen y semejanza de Dios. Somos únicos, con diferentes talentos, emociones y gracias. Dios nos llama a cada uno porque somos parte de su gran plan. ¿Cómo descubre su llamado? ¿Cómo ayudar a otros a que lo descubran? Hoy más que nunca somos llamados a ser luz de esperanza para la Iglesia y el mundo entero.



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Nurturing the Littlest Lambs: Strategies for Cultivating Curiosity and Faith to Build Spiritual Foundations in Early Childhood

Dr. Kathryn E. Bojczyk, Coordinator of Early Childhood Education; Associate Professor at The Catholic University of America
Sponsor: Loyola Press
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, early childhood catechists
Through early childhood faith formation, young children (ages 3-5) develop in their awareness of God and gain the foundation for cultivating a loving, personal relationship with God. Contrary to popular belief, early childhood faith formation is more than just “fun and games” but involves a process of inviting children to experience God in concrete, age-appropriate ways.  In this presentation, Dr. Bojczyk will introduce basic principles of early childhood faith formation and will identify strategies for effective learning at the early childhood level.  Specifically, best practices around fosteringchildren's spiritual foundations in early childhood will be addressed through discussing specific criteria for seeing, feeling, and evaluating our religious education practices in our spiritual work with preschool children.

To Everything There is a Season…

Mark Cerrato, Faith Formation Consultant
Ministry: Catechetical leaders
A time of change is a time of opportunity.  At times when our whole idea of parish faith formation is changing, an opportunity is present to look at what is really happening, how we can adapt, update, change, and be flexible in designing parish faith formation programs. This session will include discussion of where we've been, exploring where we can go, and how we're going to get there - all the while rediscovering our zeal for making disciples of all.

In the Beginning…is the Teacher’s Manual

John Collins, National Religion Consultant
Sponsor: Sadlier
Ministry: Catechists
It has the content, background information, detailed lesson plans, and ideas. And it is good.  But being a catechist is more than just teaching content in a book.  It’s about forming disciples. John will look at what we do (or should be doing) in our role as catechist. This session will provide a wealth of ideas, activities, and strategies (in a short amount of time) to support catechists in their role of forming disciples.

"What's In It For Me?" Eight Tips to Reach, Lead and Inspire Adults to Grow in Faith

Ann DiStefano, Director of Adult Faith Formation - Saint Ann, Avon
Ministry: Adult faith formation
Are you feeling stuck on how to engage busy, stressed adults (especially parents) in ongoing - or even one-time - adult faith formation? There's HOPE! Come learn about eight tips to reach, lead and inspire adults to make the time to go deeper in their relationships with God, themselves and others. (Hint: It involves those ubiquitous words: "What's in it for me?"!)

Scripture:  God’s Word of Hope for Catechesis

Kevin Dowd, Doctoral candidate in Theology and Education, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Adjunct Professor of Theology, Anna Maria College
Sponsor: Pflaum
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Harvard scholar Steven Pinker, in his popular book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,” includes a six-page accusation about the violence in the Hebrew Scriptures. This is a common thread evident in the current trend of militant atheism as well. As Catholic religious educators, we must not only be careful with our own use of Scripture in catechesis, but also actively promote a Catholic understanding of the Bible so that our students are adequately prepared for the challenges (and threats to faith) posed by the New Atheists and by literalists/fundamentalists alike. This presentation will give parish catechetical leaders and catechists some tools for helping students appreciate the Bible as “The Word of God... in human language.” Far from being a Scripture of violence and oppression, we recognize it as GOD’S WORD OF HOPE for our troubled times and for all time.

Pathway to Discipleship (Session 2 Only)

Kelly Henderschedt, Archdiocesan Director of Catechesis, Archdiocese of Hartford
Ministry: All
The journey towards discipleship directly effects the ministry of faith formation. This workshop will unpack how the process of evangelization informs the work we do in catechesis. And how does the Good News fit in to all of this? Come and explore the ways that Jesus sits at the critical intersection of evangelization, catechesis, the Gospel and our own faith stories.

Teaching the Art of Living

Michael Lavigne, Assistant Cabinet Secretary for Evangelization and Discipleship, Archdiocese of Boston
Ministry: All

Evangelization? New Evangelization? What is the difference? What is “new” about “evangelization”? Come, hear, and discuss the Church’s vision for mission during this session.

“We Have Found the Messiah": Encountering Christ in Ministry

Joseph R. Long, Pastoral Associate for Evangelization and Formation - Saint Agnes Cathedral, Rockville Centre, NY
Sponsor: RCL Benziger
Ministry: All
Just like the first disciples, we have good news to share. We do this day in and day out. We responded to Jesus’s call to “Come and see” and “Come follow me” with great joy. This takes faith, energy and work. This workshop will provide the opportunity to reflect upon and refresh our own spirituality. We will explore our encounters with Christ and look at tools and skills for developing our spiritual lives.

Roadmap to Success: Strategies for Teaching Children with ADD/ADHD

Valerie Mara, Assistant to the Provost, Archdiocese of Hartford
Ministry: Catechists, catechetical leaders
All children are capable of learning the Catholic faith and developing a relationship with Jesus. When the right strategies are put into place, children with ADD/ADHD can be very successful in a classroom environment. This workshop will explore techniques that will benefit not only children with ADD/ADHD, but all learners who are on the road to discipleship.

Myths and Misconceptions for Motivating Individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs (Session 1 Only)

Gail Mikolsky, M.A., M.Ed., Special Education Consultant
Ministry: Catechists, catechetical leaders
How often are children and youth with special needs accused of being disinterested and lazy?  How often do they hear, “If you only tried harder, you would do better!” This session will help put aside myths and demystify the complex concept of motivation while providing dozens of specific
suggestions to improve and enhance the motivation of children with special needs.

Do’s and Don’ts: Behavior Management Strategies for the Child with Autism and Other Special Needs (Session 2 Only)

Gail Mikolsky, M.A., M.Ed., Special Education Consultant
Ministry: Catechists, catechetical leaders
There are numerous techniques that are frequently used despite the fact that these strategies are ineffective (e.g., classroom competition, punishment and time out). This session will explore the reasons why certain strategies do not work and what can be used instead. Come and learn the most effective ways to monitor and modify children’s behavior and performance.

Let your Faith be Bigger than Your Fears: How to Talk about God’s Plan for Sexuality with Adolescents

Lauren Noce, Education Coordinator for Carolyn’s Place
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, youth ministers
In this workshop there will be personal testimony, stories, and resources that have been helpful in communicating the Catholic Church’s incredibly beautiful teaching on human sexuality, life, and love.This presentation will explain how DRE’s, parents, and adults can be effective in communicating the message of chastity to our youth. Chastity is different than abstinence and needs to be explained as the virtue that promotes authentic, lasting love, not the superficial love our culture promotes. The Catholic Church’s teaching on chastity will be explained as the training that is necessary for a lasting marriage, and the solid foundation young people desperately need in discerning their vocations. Five strategies for promoting the message of chastity will be shared and explained, adapted from Raising Pure Teens, by Jason Evert & Chris Stefanick.

Bored Again Catholic: How the Mass Could Save Your Life (Session 1 Only)

Timothy O’Malley, Ph.D., Director of Education at the McGrath Institute for Church Life; Academic
Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy; Editor, Church Life Journal
Ministry: All
In life, complacency is often a danger - but not inevitable! By looking at the Mass through a new lens - as the very meaning of life - we come to see how regular and consistent participation in the Mass is the very means of avoiding complacency - not just in the work of evangelization, but in our spiritual lives. Participants in this workshop will discover anew the gift of the Mass in their own spiritual lives, as well as their mission to preach the Gospel to the ends of the world. Lastly, participants will encounter tactics for teaching the Mass not as a series of random practices but as integral to cultivating a deeper sense of meaning in the lives of Catholics.

Preparar a los Padres de Familia para que Compartan la Fe con sus Hijos: TAREA URGENTE

Guadalupe Ospino, Licenciatura en Sicóloga Social y Maestría en Teología de Boston College, Coordinadora de Apostolado Hispano en la Parroquia de San Patricio, Lawrence, MA.
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Todos hemos escuchado en algún momento que los padres de familia son los primeros catequistas en la vida de los niños. Esto suena muy bonito, pero seamos honestos: ¡Muchos padres de familia no conocen su propia fe y no saben cómo hablar de ella a sus hijos! Es urgente que pensemos en una catequesis de adultos que les dé a los padres de familia buenas herramientas para educar en la fe. Pero no se trata sólo de “hablar de la fe” sino de crear ambientes que hablen de Dios y espacios de encuentro con el Evangelio como familia. En este taller dialogaremos sobre maneras prácticas y recursos para hacer esto en nuestras comunidades. 

10 Strategies for Engaging Parents and Families in Faith Formation (Session 1 Only)

John Roberto, Vibrant Faith Ministries
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists
We know the importance of parental faith and family faith practice for becoming lifelong disciples. But how do you engage them? This workshop will present 10 strategies that every parish can use to  help parents (and grandparents) grow in faith and discipleship; teach parents and grandparents the practices for forming faith at home (celebrating rituals and milestones, praying, serving, learning the Christian faith, reading the Bible); and involve parents in faith formation with their children and teens.

Las Personas con Discapacidades, ¿Son Educables en la Fe? (Sólo en Sesión 1 )

Irma I. Rodríguez-Pérez, Directora de la Oficina del Apostolado para Personas con Discapacidades Diócesis de Providence
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Educación en la fe implica  “despertar” el misterio de que somos amados por nuestro Dios misericordioso. Discutiremos como a través de “afectividad” en abundancia y procesos simbólicos las personas con discapacidades se forman en la fe y desarrollan un sentido de lo sagrado. Ellos tienen dones únicos para compartir con nosotros como parte integral del Cuerpo de Cristo, la Iglesia. A través de una catequesis apropiada les podemos ayudar a compartir esos dones que Dios les ha dado.

¿Cómo Vamos a Catequizar y Dar la Bienvenida a Personas con Discapacidades en la Vida de Nuestras Parroquias? (Sólo en Sesión 2)

Irma I. Rodríguez-Pérez, Directora de la Oficina del Apostolado para Personas con Discapacidades Diócesis de Providence
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Las personas con discapacidades quieren crecer en la fe, servir en la Iglesia y disfrutar de todos sus derechos bautismales. "La integración y la inclusión de las personas con discapacidad en la vida parroquial son principios que deben regir todas las acciones pastorales. La pregunta es cómo aplicarlos". (Sr. Mary Therese Harrington). Hablaremos de la catequesis simbólica y de los principios, modelos y currículos disponibles para compartir la fe con personas con discapacidades y prepararlos para la recepción de los Sacramentos.

Catequistas, Testigos de Esperanza

Gisela Silva Gutiérrez, Maestría en Teología de Boston College, Directora de Ed. Religiosa y Formación en la Fe; Coordinadora de Ambiente Seguro en la Parroquia de San José, Norwalk, CT
Ministry: Catechetical leaders, catechists, youth ministers
Vamos a explorar el Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica; los fundamentos humanos y cristológico, las raíces bíblicas de la esperanza, la aportación del Magisterio, la dimensión comunitaria, la diferencia con la esperanza cristiana y el Reino de Dios. Finalmente, aprenderás como crecer en la esperanza.  “Esperar quiere decir creer en la aventura del amor, tener confianza en las personas, dar el salto a lo incierto y abandonarse totalmente en Dios” (San Agustín). 

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