September 21, 2019           9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saint Aloysius Parish, 254 Burritt Street, Plantsville

Keynote Address: Dr. Bob Rice
Separate Breakout Sessions designed to address the needs of both the experienced youth minister and for those who are just starting out.
Lunch is included.  $10 per person.

Workshop Descriptions

You will be able to attend three workshops thoughtout the day. Choose from the following:

Youth Ministry from a Pastor's Perspective

Collaborating with a Pastor – Father Sam will be leading an interactive workshop on how to effectively work as a team to serve the young people of a parish.   

Presenter: Fr. Sam Kachuba, S.T.L.  

The History and Future of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the US

A Missionary Approach to Youth and Young Adult Ministry - The history of the Catholic response to youth and youth culture (or, more accurately, cultures) in the US is a story of successes and failures, of innovation and obstinacy, of despair and hope. Today, the Catholic Church in America finds herself at a nadir in her relationship with youth and young adults. History gives us hope, for it is not the first time that the chasm between the Church and the young has seemed too wide to cross. Examining the successes of the past can provide a blueprint for the future. Will the Church have the courage and creativity necessary to reach young people today? Her survival depends upon it.
Presenter: Dr. Bob Rice, Ph.D.

Fill and Overflow

We cannot teach what we have never learned, nor give what we have not first received. In order for the young people in our ministries to know Christ we must first be filled with him ourselves. This workshop will explore the necessity of youth ministers being centered on Christ so that we can overflow into our youth ministry programs. A portion of the workshop will also be set aside for youth minsters to pray together for their own needs and ministries.

Presenter: Mr. Dean Aufiero, M.A.

* Workshop CLOSED*  Generation Alpha - A Whole New Ball Game

We have spent years talking about millennials – the most maligned of all generations – and then shifted our focus to Generation Z. But while we were talking, Generation Alpha, which now makes up nearly 20% of our country, has been growing up right before our eyes. How does this generation, born in the last decade, differ from Gen Z or even their millennial parents? Let’s take a look at the very young of today so we can be prepared to meet them where they are and invite them to where Christ wants them to be.
Presenter: Patrick Donovan, Th.D., Executive Director, The Leadership Institute


"Renewing the Vision" for Catholic Schools

“Renewing the Vision” is the guiding document from the USCCB for ministry with young people in the United States. While most people read it as a youth ministry document its principles can be applied to ministry with young people in Catholic Schools as well. In this session, we will discuss how the goals and components from Renewing the Vision can help strengthen the Catholic Identity of schools and make them places of evangelization.
Presenter: Mr. Evan Psencik, M.A.        

Campus Ministry

Presenter: Nicole M. Perone, Director of Adult Faith Formation, Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis

Working in the Digital Vinyard

Using social media in ministry isn't easy - especially given the current climate of the Church. In this session, we will explore best practices, industry trends, equip you with helpful tools to work in the digital vineyard, and help engage youth and young adults online.

Presenter: John Grosso, Director of Digital Media, Diocese of Bridgeport.





Michael Wellington, Archdiocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
(860) 242 - 5573 x2678 or