Applying to CBS (Year 1)


Who Should Apply?

The CBS Core program is recommended for all who desire to meet the Lord in a deeper way through Sacred Scripture and invites adults to apply who expect to be able to complete the requirements for 2-4 years. Prior experience with Bible study is not required.

Application Process

To apply for enrollment in the Catholic Biblical School you need to complete four steps:
  1. Watch three short videos which will give you some important information about the Catholic Biblical School (CBS). They can be found below under the heading What You Need to Know First.
  2. Complete the online application form in full between May 1 and August 30 to begin CBS in September. Click here to access the application.
  3. Email the Catholic Biblical School Director, BJ Daly Horell at to set up your virtual interview.
  4. Submit a tuition deposit of $190 (half the annual tuition*).
*Tuition for one year in the Biblical School currently stands at $380. Tuition does not include required textbooks. There is an additional administrative fee for those who wish to enroll as a "for-credit" student at Saint Thomas Seminary. For information about fees, textbooks and “for credit” options, see Frequently Asked Questions.


What You Need to Know First

Before you can schedule your enrollment interview, you need to watch the 3 briefing videos linked below. Please note, you will be asked to sign in to watch these videos.

  • Virtual Learning 2020-21: This 9-minute video introduces the safe learning options available to first-year CBS students during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Essential Learning Components: This 9-minute video highlights the five learning activities you commit to when you enroll in the Catholic Biblical School.
  • Unpacking CBS “Homework”: This 8-minute video describes the hands-on practice in biblical interpretation provided through weekly lessons and home studies.

Other Things to Consider Before Registering:

Study “Tracks” and Archdiocesan Certificates

What learning “track” will best help me achieve my spiritual and educational goals? CBS includes the three learning tracks, described below. For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions and jump to the section, “Biblical School Certificates.”
  • The Certificate Track (“not for credit”) includes all students working toward the two archdiocesan certificates, starting with the two-year “Basic Certificate” and culminating in the four-year “Advanced Certificate.” Certificate students complete all five required Learning Components each year to stay “on track.”
  • The Saint Thomas Seminary Track (“for credit”) includes students who not only complete all Learning Components each year, but who take on additional standards and requirements to achieve the St. Thomas Seminary Certificate and earn up to 18 college credits. Syllabi for all four CBS core courses are provided on our Course Details page.
  • The Participant Track includes students who are serious about their studies but may not have time or flexibility to complete all five required Learning Components in each unit of study. “Participants” do not achieve archdiocesan certificates but can earn alumni status after four years, depending on individual achievement.

Choosing Your Class Location

“Must I only attend my chosen class?” “What if my schedule changes?” CBS provides flexibility! Biblical School students choose a “home” site where they will attend classes either virtually or in person, but can attend class at a different location when necessary. All CBS class meetings follow the same schedule and work on the same biblical lessons week by week. Home class sites are posted by May 15th in advance of each year on the website under “Where and When We Meet Weekly.”
Note: Some students may meet at “satellite” sites and interact with the “home” site by virtual means. Refer to “CBS Virtual Learning” briefing linked above for details.

The Academic Calendar

Classes meet from early September through mid-May, with break weeks and holidays scheduled. To see when classes and events happen, click here to view our academic calendar.

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For more information, please contact:
BJ Daly Horell
Archdiocesan Director of the Catholic Biblical School
860-242-5573 ext. 2679