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How well did the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford serve their students during the COVID-19 pandemic? Find the answer to that question as you review the points below and as you listen to school parents, teachers and administrators sharing their thoughts with you. These videos and written testimonials will give you a sense of how quickly and efficiently our schools responded to the new reality, and how strongly they are committed to continuing to do so.


During the pandemic:

  • Teachers moved confidently forward with continuous instruction.
  • Students experienced no loss of learning.
  • Teachers adapted quickly to the new format and embraced teaching remotely.
  • Schools ensured that all students had access to Chromebooks or iPads.
  • Parents received consistent updates regarding their children’s progress.
  • Teachers maintained grade-based student assessment.
  • The social/emotional wellbeing of students was nurtured.
  • The integrity of the academic program was sustained!

The data reveals the results of these efforts:

  • 97% of students successfully completed their required work load.
  • 93% of schools say that parents describe the remote learning program as “Highly Successful.”
  • 96% of schools describe parent satisfaction during this period as “Highly Satisfied.”

We encourage you to hear directly from parents, administrators and faculty as they describe the remote learning experience in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Hartford.

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Video Testimonials  

Remote Learning Video 





Parents consistently shared positive comments with their school administrators regarding their children’s academic experience with remote learning, and about the family support they received from the school. Here’s a sampling of their thoughts, but to read more, click here or on the heading above.
I just wanted to commend you and your staff on how everyone has stepped up to the plate to make sure the children continue with their lessons. You have all done this quickly and efficiently. The children did not miss a beat. My daughter has been working and learning at the level as if they were in the building.
Tammy Santarcangelo, Parent, St. Lawrence School, West Haven
When this pandemic began in mid-March and it was decided the schools would close, our children did not miss out on a minute of education. The quality of the lessons, interaction via online learning, face to face Zoom meetings and extensive use of Google Classroom has allowed our son (and other CAW students) to continue the high level of learning that they did on-site.
Jami and Steve Dohoney, Parents, Catholic Academy of Waterbury (CAW)
Saint Paul Catholic High School didn't skip a beat when it came to distance learning.  They jumped in and made the transition seamlessly.  Students were able to continue their education in a safe environment all while seeing their teacher and friends. Saint Paul continues to set the standard for a great education and prove that they are truly an extended part of our family.
Kim and Michael Daly, Parents, Saint Paul Catholic High School, Bristol

Remote Learning Photos  

We invite you to visit the Remote Learning Photo Gallery and enjoy images of students from schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford studying remotely from home. Their smiles tell the story!

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