Teaching in a Remote Environment


Click  below for the "nuts and bolts," toolkits for remote learning, as well as resources for social and emotional learning (SEL). 


To view a copy of all the Presentations of the Ongoing PD and Teaching Learning Communities - They can be found in the OEEC portal in the Curriculum Resources Folder

  • Emergency Remote Learning Guide - guidance on attendance, grading, assessments, final exams and more!
  • Remote Learning Resources - websites for Remote Learning Resources for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School Students 
  • Remote Learning Resources from EdSurge - News, tips and insight for educators shaping the future of PreK-12
  • Mental Health Moments Activities  - More important than ever, during this time of social distancing and limited face-to-face connections, we must be mindful of the social-emotional development and wellness of our students and of ourselves.  It is vital that teachers take the time to step away from the curriculum from time to time to simply connect and check in with students.  It is only when students feel safe that learning can place.  Attached is a document that outlines activities created by MindBeat designed to adapt for any age level.  Remember to take the time to take care of your students, take care of one another, and take care of yourselves!

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

Friendzy Resources - Free

FREE Fun & Engaging Social-Emotional Learning Resources. Here is a link to our Free SEL Recources for use now with distance learning. Thousands of Catholic school teachers are utilizing it right now to support students and families with SEL in midst of COVID19. Many of these can be used in Google classroom and have fillable forms so no printing needed. Below are some of the direct links.
  • A Gratitude Journal - This provides teaching content for teachers and a Gratitude Journal to help young people to focus on what is positive. 
  • Friendship Comforts Fear Coloring Sheet - This activity has options, listen to a book or Ted Talk, while doodling and discussing the importance of friendships.
  • 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt - This social distancing scavenger hunt takes students on a journey of sharing positivity with friends.
  • Emotions Chart - The Emotion Chart creates space for adults to have conversations with young people on how they are feeling and equip them with the skills they need to manage their emotions.
  • Breath in Breath Out Activity - Breathing exercises can promote peace, calm, and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Friendship Flicks Bingo: This is a game kids can play with friends, even when they are in different places.
  • Encouragement Acrostic Activity: Creatively share encouragement with friends and remind them that they are seen, known and loved and that we are in this together!
  • We are In This Together Coloring Sheet: Though the social distancing measures and closed schools due to COVID-19 may make us feel alone, it is important to remember that we are in this together. Download this conversation and coloring activity today!
  • Snail Mail Letter: Download the Friendzy Snail Mail Template and write an encouraging letter to a friend or family member. Writing a letter helps us take a moment to slow down and dedicate time and thoughtfulness towards someone we appreciate and care about.
  • Parent Tips: How to set a positive in the home.
  • A Grateful Charades Game: Engage everyone in some fun.
  • Peace Blooms from Gratitude Coloring Sheet: Help kids be aware of what they do have. These can be gifts for students to share with others. 
  • Daily Journaling Activity:  Journaling can be a great stress reducer; journaling has the capacity to organize our thoughts, clear our mind and facilitate problem solving.
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