Resources for Adult Confirmation

The following resources have been reviewed by the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis for use in 5-8-week programs preparing adults for the sacrament of Confirmation. Please note that this is not an exhaustive or exclusive list, but meant to be a starting point for those in need of such resourcing. 
If you are interested in reviewing "hard copies" of these resources, a copy of each is kept at the OEEC for loan. Please contact us at the phone number or email below. 

Confirmation: Anointed and Sealed with the Spirit
Authors: Thomas H. Morris and Kathy Coffey
Publisher: Morehouse Education Resources
ISBN: 978-1-88910-864-3
Notes: Built on a 7-12 week model, one of the authors of this resource is a renowned writer on and catechist of the RCIA process – so the context is definitively adults. The language of the leader’s guide certainly seems more advanced (e.g. catechetical and theological summaries) but when supplemented with the journal, the formation is comprehensive.

Confirming Adult Catholics: Five Sessions for Preparation and Reflection
Author: Mary Birmingham
Publisher: World Library Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58459-641-7
Notes: This is one of the few resources out there which is designed specifically and solely for preparing adults for Confirmation (not a generic resource or a teen one which can be adapted). Based on five liturgically-rooted sessions, this is especially designed for an immediate preparation program and the unique audience of nearly-initiated adults.

Countdown to Confirmation: A Resource Guide for Immediate Preparation
Authors: Maureen Giocondo and Fr. John D. Manno
Publisher: 23rd Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58595-610-4
Notes: This resource is designed specifically for immediate preparation, with 8 simple session and uncomplicated content. It covers larger topics associated specifically with the sacrament of Confirmation, and though it is designed for use with young adults (as nearly all Confirmation resources are), it is not linguistically juvenile.

One Faith, One Lord
Authors: Kathy Hendricks and Gloria Hutchinson
Publisher: Sadlier
ISBN: 978-0-8215-5561-3
Notes: Although designed for use with young people, many Archdiocesan catechists have adopted this resource for use with adults due to its clarity on fundamental Catholic beliefs. If supplemented with adult-level preparation, this can be extremely useful. This resource also includes additional enrichment resources by category.

Sent Forth in the Spirit: A Confirmation Text for Adults
Author: Dr. Patricia M. Mann, Ph.D.
Publisher: Leonine Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-9859483-4-4
Notes: This content is fairly straightforward: each chapter includes a list of vocabulary words and discussion questions, but the rest is straight written content. It is very clear and concise, focused on basic education and catechesis. Catechists using this resource would be encouraged to supplement it with other exercises, activities, and aids to amplify the lived experience.

The 5 W’s of Our Catholic Faith and How We Live It
Editor: Mary Carol Kendzia
Publisher: Liguori Publications
ISBN: 978-0-7648-1987-2
Notes: This resource has an interesting layout, based on the 5 “W” questions (who, what, when, where, and why) and uses “how” to connect the information discussed to the student’s lived experience. Although it is not specifically designed for Confirmation preparation, that appears to be beneficial, as this resource can be used for all ages and stages of formation. It is fairly brief – 10 sessions – and thus could easily convert to a short-term Confirmation preparation course.

The Didache Sacramental Preparation Series: The Sacrament of Confirmation
Author: Rev. James Socias
Editor: Eric Sammons
Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum
ISBN: 978-1-939231-73-4
Notes: This resource is extremely comprehensive – arguably more suited for adult use than teen use due to its depth. There is no shortage of tools herein: sidebars, study questions, practical exercises, activities with sponsors, apologetics resources, etc.

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
Publisher: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
ISBN: 1-57455-450-6
Notes: This resource is the most direct as far as catechesis, and one that many who work with adults (especially in RCIA) enjoy using. The design features sidebar meditations and prayers, facts and stories, and other ways to bring the Catechism to life. The text also comes with a supplementary reader’s journal.



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