Confirmation for Youth


“You are helping people prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. Perhaps you are doing this because you have experienced the Holy Spirit in your own life—in the quiet of your heart, in the power of your speech, or in the confidence of your faith. You believe that the Spirit dwells within you, and you are anxious to help others experience the same gifts. Thank you for offering your service to the Church.”

(Guide for Celebrating Confirmation, Paul Turner, ix.)

Parish Program Guidelines

“Sacrament of Confirmation: Recommendations for Parish Program Guidelines” are recommendations offered by the faith formation team of the OEEC in regards to preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation for adolescents in parish communities within the Archdiocese of Hartford. These recommendations are a direct result of the many innovative ideas, common suggestions, and overwhelming concerns brought to the attention of the OEEC staff by numerous clergy, parish directors of religious education, catechists, parents, and youth ministers. It is our hope that these recommendations assist all pastors and parish catechetical leaders in the planning and implementation of a solid and fruitful Confirmation preparation program for adolescents, and that this catechetical ministry helps parish communities form faithful missionary disciples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sacrament of Confirmation: Recommendations for Parish Program Guidelines

Confirmation Retreats

These are some retreats that are being offered around the Archdiocese. Be sure to take advantage of these awesome retreat opportunities!

Rooting Youth Service Experiences: A Practical Guide

With the upcoming Synod of Bishops in October focusing specifically on youth, now is a springtime for us to strengthen our approach to engaging youth in service experiences.
Such opportunities are formative in their catechesis and faith formation, which plants a seed for a deep love for the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
We write to invite you to attend a new workshop developed to assist you in your ministry with youth in the Archdiocese of Hartford. The Office for Education, Evangelization, and Catechesis and the Office for Catholic Social Justice Ministry have put together a practical guide entitled Rooting Youth Service Experiences: A Practical Guide” coupled with a workshop to help supplement the resource.

We hope to provide you with practical guidance for planning and leading youth through meaningful service learning experiences. Whether you serve in a parish or school setting, we aim to provide you with suggestions to help you plan as well as link you to agencies and people where you can connect youth to service opportunities.

Confirmation Speakers

For a list of recommended speakers, please contact Kelly Henderschedt. Please be sure to have all guest speakers fill out the OEEC Testimonial of Suitability Form. Please keep one copy for your own parish records and send one copy to the OEEC.

Testimonial of Suitability Form


For more information contact:
Archdiocesan Director of Youth & Youth Adult Ministry
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Kelly Henderschedt
Archdiocesan Director of Catechesis
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