School Resources

“Young people of the third millennium must be a source of energy and leadership in our Church and our nation. And, therefore, we must provide young people with an academically rigorous and doctrinally sound program of education” (Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium, 2005). "The essential elements of 'an academically rigorous and doctrinally sound program' mandate curricular experiences - including co-curricular and extra-curricular activities - which are rigorous, relevant, research-based, and infused with Catholic faith and traditions" (Center for Catholic School Effectiveness, School of Education, Loyola University Chicago, in partnership with the Barbara and Patrick Roche Center for Catholic Education, Lynch School of Education, Boston College).

Excellence in teaching and learning allows for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Hartford to be exemplary with clearly defined reasons for our existence. We expect our educators to raise the standards in order to identify the high expectations of what students should know and be able to accomplish.

Our greatest investment is to provide the next generation with opportunities to create a more humane and just world. We must help our next generation by forming hearts, building minds, and changing lives. Most importantly our next generation must keep Christ at the center of their existence.