Catholic School Faith Formation

Forming Faith at School

The Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis is deeply committed to helping teachers grow in faith in order to animate the mission of Catholic education across the Archdiocese of Hartford in every one of our Catholic schools. Faculty members at every Catholic school will participate in the following activities each year:

  1. A retreat day with your colleagues;
  2. Two half-days of professional development dedicated to adult faith formation;
  3. A full day of adult faith formation hosted by the OEEC and including teachers from across the Archdiocese.

Individual Formation

To deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of further study. A 7-week, online course called “Catholic Faith & Tradition for School Teachers” is required of every Catholic school teacher. The course is offered through the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. For more information and how to register, click here.


All catechists, catechetical leaders, Catholic school teachers, and everyone interested in deepening their faith are invited to take a an online course in theology or ministry through the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. The Archdiocese of Hartford has a partnership with the McGrath Institute for Church Life which provides a 50% discount so that the cost of the course per individual is $49.50. Course participants gain a rich overview of Catholic beliefs and faith practices and grow in their personal faith.

STEP Course beginning October 7

STEP Courses beginning October 14

New Course!

The Theology of the Mass

The Mass is not just a service that Catholics attend on Sundays. Rather, the Mass offers a comprehensive theological and spiritual vision of the world that is the very foundation of Catholic life. In this new course, students will develop a theological understanding of the Mass and a deeper theology of the Church drawn from the Eucharist. This course is intended for catechists, liturgists, deacons, and all those seeking to contemplate the gift of the Mass for Catholic life in the world.   To learn more, click here.


For more information, contact:

Lisa Orchen
Archdiocesan Director of Catechetical Initiatives
860-242-5573 ext. 2652