Remote Learning

School instruction and curricular plans are currently experiencing a disruption unprecedented in our lifetime, but in the Archdiocese of Hartford we are blessed with exceptional Catholic school educators who are rising to this challenge in an outstanding way. The OEEC is proud to support our fine administrators and faculty members with the following resources to facilitate remote learning, help you connect to your school communities, and enrich this new academic approach for all participants. Although the joy of being physically with your students is not possible right now, these resources will enhance your school’s ability to offer the very best virtual learning experience.

Remote Learning Information 

New for the Week of August 2, 2020


Google Meets - Google has made changes in response to the concern about being able to close out a session. Giving your session a Nickname, then when the last person leaves, the session cannot be rejoined. See: Hangouts Meet improvements for remote learning

Zoom - it does not automatically record every meeting unless you set that up in the settings. Check your "advanced settings" and to find an option to set recording as a default (or not). Zoom Automatic Recording

How to Teach an Online Class with Zoom


How to keep students and their data safe when using Zoom

Google Meets
How to Join Google Meet Video Conference Call
Creating a Google Meet 
Integration with Google Classroom
Creating Office Hours for Google Meets
Restricting Permissions to Start a Google Meet
Present Your Screen in a Google Meet
Students Access Google Meet Office Hours 
Scheduling Google Meets through Google Calendar 
Using Jamboard & Chrome Canvas as a Built-In Whiteboard Tool
3 Ways to See Your Students when Presenting in Google Meet 
Grid View Extension  
How to Keep Students from Starting or Recording a Meet 
How to keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Meet without You 
Giving Remote Control of your Computer & Mouse to Someone Else in a Google Meet  
Google Meet Security and Use Reference Guide

Google Tips and Tricks 
The ABC Shortcuts of Google Apps By Christine Pinto

Google Classroom
Connecting Your Students to Google Classroom
Creating a Google Classroom
Posting a Video to Google Classroom
Posting an Assignment to Google Classroom
Posting from Google Drive to Google Classroom
Posting to your Class Stream
Share your Online Office Hours On Google Classroom
Inviting Guardians to Google Classroom 
Google Classroom Teacher Guide 
Google Classroom Training 

Google Docs

Add and Edit Images to Google Doc

Converting your doc to another format

Creating a Google Doc

Using Version History in Google Docs

Virtual Field Trips - Google Docs


Google Drive

Color Coding Folders in Google Drive

Creating a Folder in Drive (1)

Creating a Folder in Drive

Sharing in Google Drive


Google Form

Turn your Google Form Into a Quiz

Formatting a Google Form

Creating a Google Form

Changing the Confirmation Message

Adding Sections To your Google Form 

Integrating Google Forms for Grading Assignments - Presentation

Integrating Google Forms for Grading Assignments - Webinar
Example of a Google Form - checking in how students are doing 

Google Sheets 
Creating a New Google Sheets. 
Inserting Checkboxes in Google Sheets


Google Slides

Creating a New Google Slides

Insert a Video in Google Slides

Picking a Theme and Layout in Google Slides


Google Voice

Setting Up Google Voice


Seesaw Tips and Tricks

Seesaw Icon Shortcuts for Activities - Google Docs

Seesaw Resources

Using the Activity Library
Use Icon shortcuts
Sharing a Post to Google Classroom
Schedule an Activity
Organizing Assignments with Collections
How to Get a QR Code for a Post
How to Edit or Delete a Post
How to Create a New Activity
How to Add a Teacher or Co-Teacher
Customize Activities in Seesaw
Archive an Activity
Seesaw Teacher Guide
Seesaw Training Slides



Prodigy Video  
Spelling City Video 
Kahoot Video 
Google Forms - Creating a Class Code

Transfer Gmail and Drive for Graduating Students and Retiring Teachers 
Remote Learning and Pear Deck



How to Create Symbaloo (Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize the best of the web. You can have all your favorite websites at your fingertips) 



Allowing Students to Edit PDF in Google Assignments using KAMI - Presentation

Allowing Students to Edit PDF in Google Assignments using KAMI - Webinar 

Google Meet - Annotate PDF's Together with Kami



Epic has enabled all educators registered on Epic (free) to provide their students remote (home) access for free through the end of the school year.  This provides students with anywhere, anytime access to the full Epic library (35,000+ eBooks, 3,300 learning videos) on all devices and allows teachers to stay connected by assigning books / collections and monitoring student progress.

Grade 1 - Resources   

Math Playground 
Base Ten Blocks 
Pattern Blocks 
Number Line 
Ten Frames 
Time Manipulatives 
Virtual Manipulatives 
Really Great Reading 

Sesame Street Resource

Sesame Street - Caring for Each Other

Web Calls with Students 

Recommended Practices for Web Calls With Students (visual guide)


Remote Learning for Coding and Computer Science 

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment powered by scratch blocks.  VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same programming environment used for VEX 123, GO, IQ and V5 robots.  VEXcode VR is 100% web-based, no installation required and will work on all major desktop and desktop browsers (including Chromebooks!)  
Available at:
Activities at:
Webinar: information  - Recommended Resources for Learning Computer Science at home

Websites for Remote Learning

Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology - Resources 
Complimentary Online Resources from Sadlier 
Sadlier's complimentary Academic & Religion online resources for Parents, Students and Teachers. 
Information for Catholic Administrators & Educators  
Teacher, Interrupted: Leaning into Social-Emotional Learning Amid the COVID-19 Crisis | EdSurge News 
12 Practical Tips for Remote Learning During School Closures - SULS057 | Shake Up Learning 
5 Ways to Boost Attendance in Virtual Meetings by John Spencer 
Tips for Teaching Live Lerssons - Bill Ferriter  
Five Tips for Designing Materials for Remote Learning 
3 Ways to Make Remote Learning More Engaging

ISTE Resources 

5 Tips for Designing Materials during Remote Learning - from ISTE  
3 Ways to Make Remote Learning More Engaging - from ISTE 
Meeting Students Social Emotional Needs During COVD-19 Lockdown 
6 Ways Parents can Foster Good Technology Habits 
Remote Learning Slidesbook: Tech Tools for School Closure 
Explore Classroom Project Based Learning 
COVID-19: Support urgent federal funding for effective edtech use 
The case for project-based learning 
Essential elements of digital citizenship 
Essential elements of digital citizenship
NASA Makes a Game of Trying to Save the World's Coral Reefs

EdSurge Articles

How to Help Students Navigate this Social Emotional Roller Coaster  
Teachers Are Anxious and Overwhelmed. They Need SEL Now More Than Ever. 
How Can Educators Tap Into Research to Increase Engagement During Remote Learning? 
How to Keep School Rhythm and Routine for Young Children at Home 
What Will Schools Do in the Fall? Here Are 4 Possible Scenarios

Tech Learning Articles

Best Zoom Shortcuts for Teachers 
What Else Can I Do with Google Classroom?

Teach from Home Resources 

Giving teachers and families the tools and tips they need to help keep students learning

Parent Resources during Remote Learning

Stay-At-Home Care Package by Big Life Journal

What I Can and Cannot Control

Family Mindfulness Schedule

Mindful Morning Poster


Online Learning Articles

5 steps to prep your classroom for remote learning success 
5 Steps to Design Instruction for Blended Learning Environments

3 ways teachers can integrate SEL into online learning
CS helps students outperform in school, college, and workplace
Bringing Trauma-Informed Strategies into the (Online) Classroom
15 Sites/Apps for Social-Emotional Learning
4 tips for teaching with tech: Online learning edition
Distance and Remote Learning Resources - from Ed Tech Teacher


Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips - 31 tools that help provide virtual field trips for students

National Aquarium Virtual Tours

Watch Live Cams from the San Diego Zoo

See Yellowstone National Park Virtually

12 Museums That You Can Visit Virtually

Meig's Point Nature Center -  watch the Osprey and Turtle Web Cam 


Smithsonian Resources:
A digital choice board from the Smithsonian Learning Lab showcasing how to explore the Smithsonian resources through different subjects/topics:

KofC Museum

The KofC Museum sponsored a webinar on abolition ( and has two more presentations in the online series ( The presenter is a college professor but her talks are for a general audience, and she has provided a quiz for students afterwards. he can provide that and an answer key to educators. Peter Sonski is developing more talks. He welcomes recommendations and requests. He can tailor a presentation for a specific class or school in this online manner. Please contact Peter Sonski at 


Distance Learning Webinars from NCEA  - Great workshops on different topics! 

NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education. All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources Distance Learning Webinars from NCEA

NCEA Virtual  - to help keep the learning going, every session from NCEA Virtual 2020 along with bonus content from our presenters is free to access for a limited time! Access over 30 hours of expert knowledge and guidance from leading practitioners in Catholic education on-demand through NCEA Virtual.

Dot and Dash Resources 

Coloring book with 25 coloring pages of Dot & Dash 
Blockly Memory Matching Game
Activity Packet
Robot Tips and Tricks 
Dash and Dot Show Activity Cards
Blockly Cut Outs Worksheet 
Dot and Dash comics 
Dot and Dash - Home Leaning Tool Kits 
Science and History and Poetry, Oh My! 
FREE activity packets ​for some family fun with Dot and Dash!
Dot and Dash Bowling Activity

Dash's Neighborhood  - Same Dash but on your screen - Now every student can program their favorite robot online. Dash’s Neighborhood reimagines the delightful, award winning Dash in a brand new 3D environment. Students will love creating and exploring with their own Dash while building coding literacy.

Did you know you don't need a mobile device to control Dash, Dot, and Cue? Check out our site, to access our Blockly and Cue web apps from a computer instead.


GoSoapBox is a web-based clicker tool used by educators around the world to keep students engaged and gain real-time insight into student comprehension. Click here for the Website 

Emergency Remote Learning information from Valerie Mara, Assistant to the Provost 

  • Emergency Remote Learning Guide - guidance on attendance, grading, assessments, final exams and more!!!!!
  • Remote Learning Resources - websites for Remote Learning Resources for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School Students 
  • Remote Learning Resources from EdSurge - News, tips and insight for educators shaping the future of PreK-12
  • Mental Health Moments Activities  - More important than ever, during this time of social distancing and limited face-to-face connections, we must be mindful of the social-emotional development and wellness of our students and of ourselves.  It is vital that teachers take the time to step away from the curriculum from time to time to simply connect and check in with students.  It is only when students feel safe that learning can place.  Attached is a document that outlines activities created by MindBeat designed to adapt for any age level.  Remember to take the time to take care of your students, take care of one another, and take care of yourselves!

Friendzy Resources - Free

FREE Fun & Engaging Social-Emotional Learning Resources. Here is a link to our FREE SEL RESOURCES for use now with distance learning. Thousands of Catholic school teachers are utilizing it right now to support students and families with SEL in midst of COVID19. Many of these can be used in Google classroom and have fillable forms so no printing needed. Below are some of the direct links.

  1. A Gratitude Journal - This provides teaching content for teachers and a Gratitude Journal to help young people to focus on what is positive. 
  2. Friendship Comforts Fear Coloring Sheet - This activity has options, listen to a book or Ted Talk, while doodling and discussing the importance of friendships.
  3. 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt - This social distancing scavenger hunt takes students on a journey of sharing positivity with friends.
  4. Emotions Chart - The Emotion Chart creates space for adults to have conversations with young people on how they are feeling and equip them with the skills they need to manage their emotions.
  5. Breath in Breath Out Activity - Breathing exercises can promote peace, calm, and an overall sense of well-being.
  6. Friendship Flicks Bingo: This is a game kids can play with friends, even when they are in different places.
  7. Encouragement Acrostic Activity: Creatively share encouragement with friends and remind them that they are seen, known and loved and that we are in this together!
  8. We are In This Together Coloring Sheet: Though the social distancing measures and closed schools due to COVID-19 may make us feel alone, it is important to remember that we are in this together. Download this conversation and coloring activity today!
  9. Snail Mail Letter: Download the Friendzy Snail Mail Template and write an encouraging letter to a friend or family member. Writing a letter helps us take a moment to slow down and dedicate time and thoughtfulness towards someone we appreciate and care about.
  10. Parent Tips: How to set a positive in the home.
  11. A Grateful Charades Game: Engage everyone in some fun.
  12. Peace Blooms from Gratitude Coloring Sheet: Help kids be aware of what they do have. These can be gifts for students to share with others. 
  13. Daily Journaling Activity:  Journaling can be a great stress reducer; journaling has the capacity to organize our thoughts, clear our mind and facilitate problem solving.

Click HERE to review all FREE resources

Faith Formation


ENGAGING YOUR CONSTITUENCIES DURING COVID-19 How to Continue to Engage Your Constituencies from tips submitted by Catholic school directors of admissions and advancement throughout the country. It offers helpful and do-able suggestions on remaining connected to school alumni, current students and families, prospective students and families, and donors.

Faith Catholic is offering some great resources for Catholic schools and parishes struggling to maintain both enrollment and parish giving. At this site, you’ll find the following guidance:

  1. How to promote online giving
  2. How to encourage 2020-2021 enrollment
  3. Guide: School at Home for Catholic Families
  4. Guide: Easter at Home
  5. Several sample social media posts promoting enrollment and online giving

The Catholic Funding Guide is sharing information to assist Catholic organizations in navigating the financial challenges posed by the pandemic. The following resources are available:

  1. Key Fundraising Implications and Takeaways from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Key Fundraising Implications and Takeaways 
  2. Catholic Giving: A Diocesan Guide for Embracing Technology and Stewardship: A Diocesan Guide
  3. From NCEA - Updates on the CARES Act Provisions and Catholic Schools (as of April 8, 2020): this information 

The Finalsite website company - their Resource page offers a great deal of helpful information on a variety of topics including communications, admissions and fundraising during these challenging tines. Topics include virtual graduations, creating the digital campus, and virtual fundraising. Check it out here: .

School Websites During this time of isolation, your website is more important than ever in attracting prospective families and inspiring their interest in enrolling next fall. It's critical to ensure that your school's site offers visitors the optimum experience, and improvements can be made by connecting virtually with those who maintain the site. Here's a great blog from Emily Cretella of Cursive Content, giving you a sense of where to start if you're on a tight budget:

Looking for more resources to use during this time of at-home and virtual formation? 

Click the links below for resources for: 

...  Coronavirus-Specific Issues 
Families, Children, and Teens at Home 
Everyone (Prayers, Libraries, etc.) 
...  Parish Catechetical Leaders
RCIA Teams
Youth Ministry