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The Office of Catholic Schools’ webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to Catholic schooling and are aligned with 20†20 Vision: An Eye on Our Future.

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SeeSaw - This webinar is for elementary/middle school teachers who want to learn how to create student driven portfolios. In this student driven portfolio, students are able to create, reflect, collaborate, and share using various features. Parents can be invited to view and comment within their own child's journal.

Turning Math Around in Elementary and Middle School: - This webinar is for elementary/middle school principals. It will provide best practices and tips for turning around math in your school. This webinar will assist in how to analyze math data and offer scheduling suggestions to optimize instructional time for the upcoming school year.

Centering on Math Fluencies - Presented by Meghan Lefevre - Primary Elementary Grade level - Meghan has mastered the art of classroom management and organization while providing math centers in her first grade classroom. Her tried and true method of differentiating instruction with the use of centers ensures all students achieve master of fact fluency. Tips will be shared on how to successfully teach math without relying on a math textbook!

Math in an Orderly Way - Presented by Kathy Reilly - Intermediate - Middle School Grade level - Clear up common missteps when teaching order of operations at any grade level. kathy presents tips for teaching order of operations to ensure retention and application using successful methodology.

Math Mats for Number Fluency and Math Units at Your Fingertips - Early Childhood - Presented by Jessica Heitzenrater - Jessica presents a unit on how to engage and differentiate for all kindergarten children in numeracy application and transfer. Also see: math at Your Finger Tips - Tips for organizing math units so you create only once and teach many times!

Math Without Limits - Presented by Kathleen Welch - Intermediate and Middle School level - Deeper learning and transfer occur when students can connect skills outside of a single disciple. Middle school teacher Kathleen Welch presents an example of how to take math out of the math classroom and connect skills to history and religion.

Building a Foundation of Multiplication - Presented by Amy Gorzkowski - Intermediate Level & Elementary Level - Mastery of multiplication facts are critical to ensure success for using higher order math operations. Amy presents this successful and engaging unit on building a strong foundation for students to achieve higher skill levels in math.