St. Timothy - West Hartford

Phone: 860-236-0614 | Fax: 860-920-0293
Address: 225 King Philip Dr., West Hartford, 06117

Grades: 6-8
Principal: Colleen DiSanto
Admissions Director:

We are a faith-based community with a diverse student body that offers a unique, secure, cheerful atmosphere of caring and respect. Our curriculum is rigorous and uses the best practices in education which include academic initiatives in research, writing, math, reading, study skills, technology, and science labs to ensure our students are prepared for high school and all future pursuits. Beyond academics, we strive to instill thoughtfulness, cooperation, and self-discipline which are encouraged and reinforced in our school community. We feel that each student is unique, and our faculty works hard to get to know each student and help the child develop strengths and conquer challenges. Middle school is a time of growth for children and their families as each child changes academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are committed to educating the whole child during these formative years.

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